A dog bites a man, it’s no news but when a man bites a dog, that’s odd and should make the headlines. If one hundred thousand people were killed in Nepal, you may not be bothered but when one hundred thousand people are killed in Lagos, you become scared, that is proximity, because one or some of your own may be affected.

I have heard of people down with cancer on diverse media, I just wondered what kind of sickness that is but when I got the news that my friend and course mate Onomase Odafe is down with cancer, I was shocked. I remember our days at Nelson Mandela Halls in UNIBEN. Seeing pictures of him sent cold shivers down my spine.

Everyday my prayers are up for Odafe. I wish I could take the pain away. I wish I could abolish cancer from the surface of the earth.


Let us all pray for Odafe. Let us give what we have to ameliorate the hardship his family is facing. Let us remember to show love to everyone. No one deserves to pass through such pain. I have never been scared like I am now. We do not know who is next. Together we can win this battle. May God save Odafe, may His divine assistance remain always with him. Do what you can to make him live. Send your donations to his account detail.(GTbank*0033141283*Odafe Onomase)  May our good Lord bless us all.

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