Cohabitation In Our Ivory Towers

By: Eme Chibueze


Cohabitation is the arrangement where two people who are not married live together more prevalent in western countries but steadily creeping into African societies with changes in social views, gender roles and religion; more broadly it could mean any number of people living together not necessarily just two people staying together.

Cohabitation can be said to be an effect of social change which led to the deinstitutionalization of marriage which is the weakening of social norms that defines partners  behavior, this situation has caused an upward movement in the rate at which married people divorce, older age at first marriage and an increase in births outside marriages.

Cohabitation pervades most of the tertiary institutions in Nigeria causing students of different sexes to live together because aliases have been created to suit the purposes of such acts in order to portray it as a societal norm in accordance with human evolution and civilization.

A cursory look at this phenomenon would give the fake physical impression of happiness embedded in deep immorality, high abortion rate, high rates of STD’s, stealing and lying ,advance fee fraud (cyber-crimes) in order to fund their couple lifestyle.

While the females are seen as the parasites the men are often times the host but the situation can be in the reverse form in other cases with everyone having their responsibilities so as to bring the union the perfect ingredient it should have often times at the detriment of their studies and parents who toil effortlessly to raise funds for their wards in various schools.

While it is important to socialize as a student it is also necessary to minor on minors and major on majors so as to have an idea of time management which is what many students do not have until they graduate and realize the bitter truth that many years were spent frolicking on campus majoring on minors.

Campus cohabitation is very dangerous and should be discouraged at all times;  though economic situations and other forms of limitations could spring up such ideas to make us want to give ears to such thinking , it is worthy of note to realize that as students and as humans that challenges are abound for every stage in life and these challenges cannot be ignored but faced squarely because a writer once wrote: tough times never last but tough people do. 

Face situations toughly head on, though you would not be unbruised but you definitely come out as a winner with the will power and inner strength to do exploits and withstand other challenges ahead.