How Loving nearly killed me


I entered University quite young,  University of Portharcourt in particular. I didn’t have a girlfriend of my own till about year four, I went to my 400 level class , Engineering faculty course , I met Eme, very beautiful from Akwa Ibom, I knew I have to make contact, she was in hundred level, sciences, I tried to get her contact she didn’t have a phone and all, she went for her class and I went home, couldn’t concentrate that evening, had to wait for the longest week in my life to meet her up again, one week turned to two then three, before I met her , I spoke to her she couldn’t stop smiling , she came to my place later that evening with her friends and I couldn’t stop telling her how much I like her, she had a boyfriend and abusive boyfriend working in a bank, they were living together, that didn’t stop me, I tried and tried and she fell, she had to leave him for me, felt like a hero, snatching babe from a worker then, worker with Salary, me with pocket money.

Things went on for a year , in that year I lost all my friends, they couldn’t believe I would give all my attention to a lady, couldn’t play PS , couldn’t watch football matches, couldn’t hang out, I was either in class or we were together.   I knew I was judged by my guys, didn’t care, I was in love, and I heard stories of men in school dying because of girls, I was even warned by a friend who had this gift of dreaming and seeing things, saying he saw me and gun around me and my girlfriend was weeping ,I was so much in love to listen.

I graduated, couldn’t leave the school environment because of her, clash with my parents, because they couldn’t understand why I was going back to school regularly. On this particular trip, my mum told me not to go, to wait till the next week, I didn’t listen , I couldn’t stay away one more day, so I left.  On getting to school I went to her room., because my rent expired, on that day my world change for ever.  It was 7pm, I went to her gate man to get soft drinks, on reaching there I saw men in Black with guns, they seize me, the gate man was already on the floor , they took my personal belongings, put a gun on my head, and began their operations, I was scared,was terrified, started asking God to forgive his son. After robbing the estate, the gang leader told his boy to shoot either me or the gate man, they ask the wife of the gate man, who she wanted them to shoot, who else but me, they place the cold metallic gun on my skull, my life flashed before my eyes. Next thing I heard a noise, it’s jammed or maybe no bullet, but I was dead scared, then they told me to lie down, I was there lying motionless, after about 5minutes which was the longest 5minutes of my life I heard foot steps, neighbours, other student came out, I just got up as a warri boy, we nor they carry last for public, walk up to the room, folded my bags, lay on the bed couldn’t sleep, remembered my friend with the dream, and my mother’s warning.

Early the next day I went back to warri and left my feelings behind, that was the end. Lesson learnt , love with your heart and head, let your head decide, pay attention to any warning, be sensitive, pray about it, don’t despise your guys, at least listen to your parents, God might be speaking through them. Thanks.


Chris Ben schooled in University of Portharcourt


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