SHAMIM (part 4)


As we sat opposite to each other on the table to eat, I couldn’t help it but keep staring at her. Shamie was different from the ladies I’ve known, or to say, from the ordinary ladies. She ate like we’ve lived together for years. No shyness in her or anything to whim about. Besides, she was having a go at her best dish, one that I had with little expertise but much effort cooked to the best.


She felt calm, with the aura of love surrounding her. The happiness inside her would be told with the glowing on her sheen face. On her part, it was clear she had found her soulmate. She had found love; true love. She was done with a series of disappointing relationships in the past. And was determined to give it all her own, enjoy every bit of it.


‘You’re not eating, baby, what’s wrong?’ Shamie’s voice woke me up from a pool of thoughts.


‘Nothing wrong, my love. Are you enjoying the meal? I’m not that good at cooking. But I tried my best for you. You can be sure that you won’t ever starve in my arms.’ I said.


‘Thanks Wes. You’re good. It’s the best meal I’ve had in months. And more so, from the best person in my life now. I’ll, please, prepare our breakfast. So you can taste my cooking too.’


‘Haha, I can’t wait, love.’


When everything was done including the cleaning, I left Shamie to do the drying as I stepped outside to feel the cold night breeze. The air smelt fresh after the heavy downpour in the afternoon with the sweet scent of the flowers. There was no more dust. The new moon was out, the sky was lit and clear. The neighbourhood was quiet as a cemetery.


I was, to be honest, filled with happiness. Each second that passed, I realised that I’m in love. But most importantly, knowing that it was with Shamim. I had longed for this kind of feeling. This kind of love. This kind of a lover. I felt a hand come from behind me, wrapped around my waist. Pulled me closer and a head rested on my back. It was Shamie.


‘You’ve been thinking about me, right?’ Shamie inquired.


‘How do you know?’


‘Because I’m here with you.’


‘Yes, I’ve been. Look, Shamie, I don’t want to wake up tomorrow to find that you’re gone. Nor the next day, month, year or decade. I want to be with you all my life.’


‘I’m here to stay, hun. I love you and will do anything to keep you mine.’


I turned to her. And without warning, started kissing her. I held her to myself. Lifted her, as she wrapped her legs around me and off we made it to the house. Turned the lights on and headed to the bedroom. By this time, I was left in my underwear and Shamie in her panties.


I unhooked her bra and went for her lovely boobs. Sucked on them as she joined me with her moans. I moved my tongue, en-circling her boobs, then the cleavage and up to the neck. I felt her hand move down to get hold of my hard-stiffened dick. She moaned at this, and looked into my eyes as she moved her thumb on the tip of it. I couldn’t hold on the sensations, what happened that night was that we didn’t fuck, but we made love!!




Wesley Spartan writes from Uganda

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