Your Mindset


The law of mind set (by Brain Tracy) States that ” All causes are mental ” your thoughts become realities. If your thoughts are creative, you even become what you think about most of the time.

Your mindset can make or mar your relationships. It all depends on the individual’s mindset. For instance, some are attracted to beauty and wealth. Yes, quite alright, all these count in a relationship, but can never be the ultimate, yardstick or parameter to measure a successful relationship.


Your life is the sum total of all the choices made up to this present moment. Since you are always free to choose what you think about, you are in a complete control of what your life and everything that happens to you.

Your choice could be” I don’t want to make a friend from a low social strata or someone without Tertiary education certificate.” Good for you, but I put it to you. Who rules the world? For instance, the former president of Nigeria. GoodLuck Jonathan came from a humble background, but what he is today matters.


Do not allow your mindset to, control you, rather you should give orders to it and it will obey you. You feel positive about yourself to the degree to which you feel positive about yourself to the degree to which you feel you are in control of your own life. Health, happiness and high performance begin with your taking complete control over your thoughts, your actions and the circumstances in the world around you. Our mindset should always be set on “LIKE” and not on “LOVE ” Love is a gradual process which grows. You can only go for the things you like when you are first attracted to it. To buttress my point, let me tell you the story of a lady, who was frustrated about marriage.


A man who was looking for a place to stay, met her and told her he was in need of accommodation. The lady agreed to help him. Later, she found a building under construction, went there, cleared it and took the man in. The man lived with her in that building for couple of weeks. One night, I heard the lady screaming, an hour later, I heard a knock at my gate. I got up and opened the gate, behold it was hell of what I saw that early morning.

I asked the man what was the matter? Why were they disturbing the whole neighborhood? He told me that the lady always forces him to have sex with her every night and that he couldn’t bear it any longer and that’s why he decided to beat her.

This is great! I asked the lady what happened. She told me that the main purpose of bringing him into that building is for him to marry her forcibly. Therefore, she lured him into bed. Wow! This is so interesting and funny. That is her own mindset. She doesn’t care whether the man likes her or not. Her major concern is for him to marry her. This is so ridiculous.


Before embarking on an action, think twice. If the reason for your action is not valid years after such an action, desist from it. One Monday morning, a girl named Audrey met me in my office and told me that a guy she loved so much, asked her to give him a baby. His reason being, he wanted a baby that will carry her beauty and intelligence. He never had any intention of marrying Audrey. Audrey is only good for child bearing and not good for keep. I was happy that she didn’t agree to that huge request.


Where is our mindset leading us? To Audrey, she loved the guy but wouldn’t let her mind control her. That’s the kind of girl I will like to be with.


Now tell me, is the guy being selfish by wanting Audrey to give him a baby?


Watch out for beauty and intelligence. They might be misleading at times. If Audrey didn’t possess all these qualities, will he ask her for a baby?


You are deciding by not deciding. Be very careful where your mind leads you, to avoid everlasting pain and agony.


Once upon a time, a prophet got married to a classical lady, because of her beauty. Three days after their wedding, she went for her youth service. Before she came back from the orientation camp, she was already pregnant for another man, leaving the man in perpetual agony. In the same vane, a man got married to a rich lady because of her money and wealth. The lady works in an oil company. The lady was posted to another state by her company to work. Unfortunately, the husband refused. She later resigned. When the money was no longer forth coming, coupled with the issue of childlessness, they separated. It was during the course of divorce that the man discovered that he was the fourth husband to the lady, and all her husbands were still alive. The man, lived the rest of his life in everlasting pain, with no child, no wife, no house, no money and no job. Things fell apart. Shortly after, he kicked the bucket. What a pity!!!

Be very careful, and control your mind, do not let it control or deceive you. Be warned!!!


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