Under the apple tree


Kike was enjoying the bliss of married life and had everything going well for her the way she wanted. Her husband, Philips Otitoju, loved her so much and took good care of her.

Theirs was a relationship made and consummated in heaven, or so it seemed. They were blessed with two handsome kids.

Money wasn’t their problem, because Philips worked as a manager in an oil company, with a fat salary and all the perks of office.

He was a loyal and dedicated husband who valued the innate qualities of his wife. His love and care for his cherished wife was undiluted, unwavering and passionate.

There is a saying that even if you put a bird in a beautiful and well-decorated cage, filled with food and very comfortable, the bird would still not be satisfied. If you dare open the cage, the bird will fly away, and that is the last you will see of it.

Kike had a friend called Anita, who was a socialite, very lecherous, cunning and wayward. Anita convinced Kike into having an extramarital affair, promising to introduce her to the club of multimillionaires and she (Kike) would live in paradise. These multimillionaires always held their meetings under an apple tree in a posh environment.

Anita did the matchmaking and pronto, Kike became a mistress to Chief Banki, an ebullient man, who promised her heaven on earth, making Kike to pack out of her matrimonial home and eloped with him.

Exactly one year later, Banki dumped and jilted Kike, telling her point-blank never to call his number again.

The following week, the chief relocated to Canada. In tears, Kike went back to her former husband to make amends and beg for forgiveness.

To her shock and utter amazement, she met Anita in her husband’s arms, pecking him with adoration. Anita had married Kike’s Philips Otitoju.

“No, no, it can’t be!” she screamed and fainted. She was revived some few hours later at the hospital.

Anita had snatched Kike’s husband for good. Kike became troubled, homeless and hopeless. She became a recluse, living in abject poverty in Egan, a remote area of Lagos.


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