As 2019 Elections Draw Near

By: Eme Chibueze


As 2019 elections draw near, many political parties across the nation are drawing their plans of either merging with other parties to form a bigger and better coalition or shopping for better representation before the end of the year.

New political parties are likely to spring up and add to the number of the existing ones which according to an Inec Member Information and voter Education Committee Mrs May Mbu is pegged at 67 with the addition of 21 new political parties which registered by December 2017.

This addition has generated a lot of reactions with some having the opinion that the political space is mature and large enough to accommodate more, others are siting the fact that there are no reasons to add to the parties since most are relatively dormant or unknown ,a few experts are siting that even the United States only started the voter based political system in the 1700’s and till today apart from the republican and democratic party there exists other parties such as the libertarian, Green party, independent party though they receive minimal support and only appear on the ballot in one or a few states.

Many arguments are spread across different opinions with others saying even the first POTUS ‘George Washington’ was not a member of any political party during the time of his election and during his tenure as president of the United States Of America  from 1789 to 1797 before handing over to John Adams by march 4, 1797.

Coming down to our own politics, the political party to beat in Nigeria currently is the ‘APC’ while the major opposition is the ‘PDP’ with other parties in the background but no one is leaving his oars behind because the electorates are now more exposed and this singular act has increased fear in all quarters because votes can be swayed in different directions unlike in the past when regions are fused into a political party thus making the political space unhealthy if ones regional party loses.

The main problem may not be the number of parties currently on the list but rather the party to foster peace and development across the 36 states of the federation and create jobs for the teeming youths who make up a large work force of the economy at almost 32% of the total population.

As the days grow into months party primaries will start thus creating one of the most interesting era in our political system where each party positions itself towards bringing out their best candidates who would vie for a seat at the Aso Rock and electorates are advised to get their permanent voters cards as part of their civil responsibilities at designated places and time to be announced later by the independent national electoral commission (INEC) across the country so they can freely exercise their franchise come 2019 .