22.09.17: Inspiring Birthday Story

At my last birthday, I was 27, just 3 years to the big 30. At this age, more than half my friends are already married with kids and or have a booming career. But what did I have…only dreams. And nothing was going according to the way i had planned. I didn’t feel the need to celebrate.
There was no excitement, only a few of my family members were excited for me. In my family, we’ve formed a habit of celebrating one another on special occasions. And when it dawned on my sister that I really had no plans for a day that was just 2 days away, and i had made it clear that I didn’t want a party, not even a cake, (which was quite unusual) she called up a make up artist and booked me for a make up and photo session the next day. I grudgingly went. My sister made sure that the pictures were ready by the next morning.
That week, my mum had given me money to buy a new dress, since my birthday fell on a Sunday(she wanted me to wear something new to church) the money wasn’t enough to buy a dress, but i didn’t want to go to her for more money,(not that she wouldn’t have given me)
After mass, that day, i went home, nothing special. My sister opted to take me out and buy me pizza, ice-cream and shawarma, I turned it down. Everyone was home because it was my day, including my cousin who would ordinarily not be home on a Sunday. They had no idea what i was going through, how depressed i was.
Then out of the blues, a friend called and asked me what i was doing for the day and when I said nothing, he asked me to take a taxi to a certain address. When i declined, my sister took the phone from me and promised to drag me down. And the rest is history. The day turned out better than I ever imagined.
I learnt one vital lesson, even when things do not go the way you plan or expect them to, as long as you have life and good health, there’s hope for better things to come.
I know that it’s not easy, especially when you see people around you recording their successes, while you try everything within your power to set your life on motion, and nothing seems to be working, and as a result, you do not feel the need to celebrate. You might even lack the excitement that is expected to come with the day.
I want you to know this, sometime in the nearest future, you’ll look back today and the days before this and smile at how far you have come and how there was never any need to worry, as things will have fallen into place, even without you being conscious of it. Know this too, that as long as you’re living and healthy, you have everything to be excited about. I didn’t quite like the way you sounded when i called and it totally reminded me of how i was months ago, hence this long text. May God fill your heart this day with joy and gladness to your heart’s content. If you need to talk or pour out your feelings, I’m here for you every step of the way. Wish I could have been there with you today.

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