I won’t behave like Dayo Williams who has gone proverbial since YESTERDAY having learnt the sudden collapse of the ponzi scheme – MMM. I honestly won’t bore you with a long piece. I just want to pinch us. I mean everyone of us. Both the participants and non participants.
MMM came at the right time in Nigeria. Believe me, it solved a lot of issues that our government couldn’t solve. People earned money legitimately and crimes went solo among the people. It became our collective ‘Yahoo Yahoo’. Some of the participants even donated boreholes, schools and other amenities to some communities. They owe us nothing but they showed us love. MMM and its participants are better than our politicians who steal more than what they could spend in a lifetime, yet, nothing is remitted to the poor.
I am not a participant but I almost joined. A friend resold it to me in a manner that I was caught in the inescapable Web of the MMM frenzy. All my sound reasoning went away. She was a damn good marketer. I offered myself willingly but promised to study the proposal very well. She was very happy. Not necessarily because of the interest that will accrue to her for evangelizing and consequently winning a soul for MMM but the fact that she was fulfilled winning a potential enemy of MMM. Then, came the news of the sudden crash yesterday.
I learnt a serious lesson from my brief entanglement. Most MMM participants are very gifted and solidified in faith even when it’s against common sense. They believed anything. They pushed for the unseen dreams. Majority of them didn’t check that MMM warned that ONLY SPARE CASH should be invested. A certain amount of money that won’t make you cry perhaps ‘worse comes to worst’ as my people will say. Just your spare cash won’t cause any uproar. Your spare cash won’t give you sleepless night. Your spare cash is as good as the money you can never regret losing. A dash.
Unfortunately, participants would never check this red alert. The gaze is fixed on the 30 to 50 percent interest. Nothing more. Let me say it here that MMM is far better than Nigerian government that would promise and fail. MMM is truthful. It’s honest. It’s ten times worth staying with us than this government. No politician should wear the look of “didn’t we warn you”?. CBN with its erratic policies shouldn’t come and gloat over the sudden collapse of MMM. It stinks more than MMM.
From Dei Dei to Kubwa yesterday, it was MMM and MMM. I got to Wuse, the story didn’t change. People were panicking. Career officers, lecturers, businessmen and women, artisans,  even some politicians were not left out. Nobody was talking about the APC led federal government that has crashed already. It was the talk of the latest savior, MMM heading for the Golgotha. What has really happened to us as a people? Why are we this battered? Why the craze for money? Why this endless chase for hedonism?  Who dragged us here?
Do you know that an average Nigerian doesn’t want to solve problems again. We are heavily redundant and our quest for free things has rendered us useless. We have lost our sense of creativity. We are no longer analytical. Even a little child wants money. Dependency grows unabated. We have lost our values to money and materialism. A young lady cannot marry a man with lofty dreams except his bank account is bogus. She is in for romance and not love. We are in a sorry situation. Unless we change our perception, we may endlessly chase money that will never be enough. Solve problems today and money will chase you. Great nations and people solve problems to get rich. May MMM return in January as promised. I don’t want to lose friends and relatives. My name is Abire Sunday Olugbenga, I believe in solving problems. Join me today and let’s make Nigeria great.
Written by: Abire Sunday Olugbenga

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