Hostel Chronicles

She never knew that plantain could shed skin like snakes do until she went to uni. A head-shaking episode on TALES FROM COLLEGE, your only write and earn page, brought to you by
I heaved a sigh of relief as i stood at the gate of the prestigious university before me. “finally.” I muttered then walked toward the park with my bag. “Hall 2” I said to the driver as he placed my bag in the trunk before sliding in the front seat. Soon we were at the girls’ hostel.  After filling all my details for temporary accommodation, I left for my room. I hadn’t come prepared, obviously. As soon as I opened the door and took in the outlook of the room, I frowned.” Chei! Ooohoooo”.
I dropped my bag and sat on the bunk, hissing at intervals. The room stared back at me; provoking me the more as realization dawned on me in pieces. The light didn’t work, the floor was not different from that of the street, you wouldn’t risk sitting on it and of course; I didn’t come with a mattress. I needed a bath really bad and didn’t know where I was supposed to begin. This was not what I had imagined; an empty room I would be sharing with one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight… Wait, eight??? My eyes widened in horror… My God! The room was so small.
To make matters worse, the tales I had heard about the girls’ hostel did nothing to calm my nerves. Glorified thieves and wrecks of a human being inhabited the hostel parading themselves in all manner of innocence to their unsuspecting victims. Three was a crowd but eight??? “Na to suffer person be this o” I said quietly. I got up, dusted my body, took my wallet and walked out of the room.
Days rolled into weeks and months. I had finally settled down and gotten used to the school system. I had made friends and kept certain people at a distance. I had roommates, the funny ones, the rude ones, the calm ones, the wild ones and the ones that made it their mission to provoke you.
On a certain day, I boiled plantain, intending to eat it after my dance rehearsal that was to end at midnight. I got back around 2am, hunger threatening to cripple me in its wake. I was burned out but the thought of the plantain waiting to be devoured edged me on.
I got to my room, threw myself on the bed to rest awhile before getting up and walking toward where my pot laid, my tongue salivating the more as I got closer. I opened my pot and all manner of emotions flowed through me. I was heartbroken, my temper rising at well.  Who did this to me??? Out of five plantains, two was left in the pot. Blood rushed to my ears as I stared at the two plantains noticing that the skin of remaining three had been dumped inside the pot. “ah God! Is it not evil spirit that is worrying people? Which kain wickedness be dis one now?” I was near tears.
I was deeply pained. I made to wake up my roommates … “they must vomit the plantain this night o!” I tapped my first suspect. That one has any uncanny attitude of robbing people’s food.
Some people sleep like they were corpse. This one refused to wake up.  She just kept twisting and turning while I kept tapping her with more vigour. I then glanced at the clock on the wall. It was almost 2:30am. “What would people say? That I was waking people up because of plantain?” I thought to myself. I walked backed to the pot, settling down to eat the remaining two before sleeping, my stomach however still screaming with disapproval.
Roseline Chidube, attended the great university of Benin