It’s Highly Possible To Be In Love With Two People Without Breaking Hearts’


Have you ever found yourself in love with someone even when you are in a committed relationship? Have you ever fallen in love with two people. If yes, you are not alone here .

While it will infuriate your partner or seem unethical, falling in love with two people is as simple as falling in love with one person.
After all, love is an emotion that can be experienced when the symptoms are right.

You like someone a lot you find them attractive and you are sexually attracted to be with them and boom, you fall in love. Now, you meet someone else, you find them attractive and you are sexually attracted to them and boom again, you fall in love with a new person.

Now you ask yourself, are you really in love with two people? It is ridiculous to assume you can’t fall in love with two people. Many lovers in committed relationship feel threatened when they find themselves in love with two people. Relax, you really don’t love your partner any less just because you find yourself falling in love with someone new.

I remember experiencing the same conflicting feelings a few years ago while I was in a relationship with my boyfriend now ex though. He had to conduct a research for a year and half and there I was all alone and waiting for him to return, and incidentally, I met another guy whom I really liked and he liked me too.

A month later, I was madly in love with this new guy I had met but then again, I was still in love with my own boyfriend too. So there I was confused and deliriously happy. I was in love with two people and I was ecstatic with the fact that I had two people who loved me back.

But I didn’t ever assume I was in love with two people. I just knew I was cheating on both of them. I felt like a wily temptress who was luring single men into her bed.