I am yet to see what a man did which was not criticized. Criticism is easier than creation. We are quick to condemn but slow to build. Quick to spread bad news but slow to spread good news. Quick to condemn but slow to commend. The fear of failing or criticism is the reason some people never try.

Critics are everywhere looking for who to pull down. When something good happens they look the other way; when a loophole is spotted they begin to compete with CNN’s Richard Quest to show who means business more.

Some people are talented in finding fault. Fault finding is not out of place but before criticizing what someone is doing I hope there is something you are doing which people can critique. It was Jesus who said in Mathew 7:3 “why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own”.

At the birth of this platform and creation of its social media accounts, some friends were invited to like its Facebook page, follow its Twitter account and all that. Some responded in the positive, others ignored. Perhaps, they will be doing it a huge favor if they did. They hate to see it succeed. Some were directly contacted to help the struggle, they gave excuses. I remember vividly a particular incident when a friend was online, liking pictures and commenting on various Facebook posts. I told him that I sent him an invite to like my page, he asked me what the page was all about, I explained. He said ok, that he was busy and cannot respond to my invite. Wow!!! Some claimed they never saw the invite and when it was resent, it was still vision impossible.

All the teasers, promotional materials posted or tweeted had no comments or retweets from “these folks”. There was a communication hitch between us and a contributor, all those who turned blind eye and deaf ears came to party either to criticize or give expert advice. Some dropped hate comments and automatically became disciples spreading the gospel and posting it everywhere. Great job, I must say.

We have had series of advice on how to run; we appreciate it but when things are not done your way, don’t become irate. Those who are making mistakes are those doing something and are capable of turning challenges into opportunities. We use the bricks thrown at us to erect our castle.





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