Handbook of a Playboy (4)


Me: A plate of rice and a bottle of schwepps is a weird combination for a goddess like you this sunny afternoon.

She: Never seen a woman drink Schwepps before?

Me: Absolutely. The case is always Fanta, coke and sometimes juice.

She: I am not like every girl you know

Me: Exactly my sentiment. Who is this girl? And why is she not like every girl?

She: Are you gonna keep standing and interrogate me like a detective?

Me: *sits down* What a witty way to offer me a seat. My name is Emmanuel. Nuel for short.

She: I am Candy.

Me: *singing* I take you to the Candy shop

She: *cuts in* sorry I won’t lick the lollipop

We erupted in laughter. I have never met a girl so interesting at first conversation. Me and Candy exchanged phone numbers and departed. I got to my room that day, the smile on my face was priceless, reminiscing on what happened earlier. She won’t lick the lollipop. LOL! We shall see about that.

The next day, I went about my daily routine, lectures and all. I was yet to call Candy. This may be inappropriate as she will be expecting my call but in matters like this, I don’t subscribe to due process. Let her wait. My call will certainly hit her mobile phone. I was having a sports argument with my course mates when my phone rang. Guess who it was? Grace. For some overwhelmed reason, I thought it was Candy. Really? Why should I even let that cross my mind? I picked up the call and what I heard was “meet me at the quadrangle now”. Damn! See me see GOC. I felt that was rude and was caught in between going or not but the gentleman in me asked me to opt for the former. When I got there I met Grace seated. Grace said to me “ I want to apologize for slapping you, I didn’t have the right, I have always wanted to apologize but my pride won’t let me. It took me a lot to do this, please I am sorry”.

I wasn’t angry with Grace. Not really. I had to send a message that violence was not the answer. I told Grace she was forgiven, as the bigger man I let it go. Grace still wanted to know where I was on that ill-fated day. I just told her it wasn’t necessary. We should let sleeping dogs lie. All of a sudden, tears started flowing. I was shocked to my bones. Why was Grace crying?

…to be continued

Emmanuel Amani