Handbook of a playboy (5)

Emmanuel Amani


I hate to see a woman cry, it breaks me. Grace what is the matter? I inquired. “I lost Nathan my younger brother in an auto crash, he was going to school. I was looking for you to cry in your arms but I couldn’t reach you. It made me crazier”.  she replied in a brittle voice. The news gave me goose bumps. I was so sorry for Grace. I didn’t even know what to say to her. The atmosphere was moody and I hated it. I simply apologized and told Grace I had lectures and would like to be excused.

The first thing I did after my day’s activities was put a call through to Candy and requested we meet somewhere of her choice. She declined on the excuse that she had a busy day and would like to take a nap. She however promised she would call the next day to reschedule.  I shrugged, going through my phone contacts, a call came in and it was Grace. Grace again. She wanted to know where I was so she could come see me. I told her I was in a friend’s house and it wasn’t a good place to meet. She invited me over to her crib. Grace knows I don’t visit female lodge. Why is she being a sissy? “your friends sizing me up would make me uncomfortable, I do not like third parties, it aint just right.” I reminded Grace. I had told her this in recent history.  I was so consistent and religious with this excuse but as to when Grace would buy it and never see inviting me over as an option I do not know.

I quickly left my house and went to book a room at a guest house in town. I called Grace and informed her that I was sending a cab to come pick her up. She sounded elated. I bought pizza, gave it to the cab chauffeur to deliver to Grace. I called Grace again and told her that the package she would receive from the cab man is for her friends. Of course, this would make them believe that Grace’s boyfriend who they have never seen is Mr. nice guy. They should keep dreaming of the day they would see me. it will never come.

Seated on the bed waiting for the Grace of God to come, I quickly sent a message to Candy, just checking up on her and wishing her a good rest. As I pressed the send button on my phone, there was a knock on the door, immediately, I put my phone on flight mode. Of course, you know what that means. I went to get the door, Lo and behold, my ebony black Grace. The Grace of God staring at me. Grace who I expected to be a bit excited wasn’t smiling at all. Kai! Where will I start from again? Which kain one chance I enter so? Grace was unhappy once again that I brought her to a guest house. I had lied to Grace that I stay with my aunt who attends Deeper Life Bible church. Anything woman is a caveat in her house. So why was Grace giving me a sad face? As a focused smooth talker, I pacified Grace and soon she was all over me. We got down and I realized how much I missed Grace. She was the best in the business. It was a remarkable night vigil, the one still green in my memory.

…to be continued


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