Give #CharlieGard a Chance to Live

Charlie Gard, diagnosed of mitochondrial disease

If a patient is terminally ill and death is in a matter of moments, any help rendered in an attempt to reverse the diagnosis should not be undermined.

Life is sacred and it will be highly unfair to play hanky-panky with it. The story making the rounds about an eleven month old British baby who has been diagnosed of a form of mitochondrial disease – a genetic condition that causes progressive muscle weakness and brain damage should be treated with all shades of empathy and all manner of self-worth and self-esteem by the Britons should be discarded.

An European Human Rights Court gave its verdict on June the 29th 2017, which compels Chris Gard and Connie Yates to allow their sick baby to die. Newspaper headlines which read that “a court has sentenced a baby to death” didn’t lie after all.

The issue has attracted the attention of world leaders. I don’t comprehend what the matter is with Britain. They are incapable of providing help for baby Charlie Gard and have equally pronounced his condition incurable and eventually fatal. Restricting his folks from seeking solution elsewhere is injustice redefined. Their position is that nothing can be done for the kid other experimental therapy and therefore his right to die with dignity should be protected. Really???

There is nothing dignifying about death. Death is death. Let us apply Ben Carson’s Best/Worst case analysis here. What is the best thing that could happen if Charlie Gard is flown to United States for treatment? He could be cured and doctors would have succeeded in discovering a medication for that ailment. What is the worst thing that could happen if Charlie Gard is flown to United States? He would die and the British specialists would be proven right.

What is the best thing that could happen if the court verdict is obeyed? Of course, there is no best thing that would happen. What is the worst thing that would happen if the court verdict is flouted? Little Charlie Gard would die eventually.

Obviously, the gain outweighs the risk. In fact, there is no risk in this. Baby Charlie should be given a chance to life.

Donald Trump, the president of United States of America has offered to help Charlie Gard and proffer experimental therapy in his country but Chris and Connie lost a legal battle to access that help. This is sad and unacceptable.

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, through her spokesperson has nothing to say other than “the case is very sensitive and our thoughts are with Charlie’s family”. C’mon Theresa you can do better than this, but then, what do you know about having a child?

Baby Charlie is eleven months today. He deserves another chance and his parents should have the final say. This is strange. I have not heard it before. The Pope supports the experimental therapy America has to offer. Britain drop your pride and bruised ego and let America do something. Give #CharlieGard and his parents hope.