by Henry Ortserga


My earlier days in  school I had no friend, everybody was moving in peers, I was isolated, I don’t know if it was my condition that made them don’t want to be close to me?, it was really burning me inside.

As the first semester 100level metamorphosis we were given test, the lady sitting beside me (Rasheedat)couldn’t write anything so I opened for her to copy from my work after the test we exchanged contacts two days to  exams she called me that she and her friend would like to sit with me during the exams so they can copy, on our first paper they copied excitedly, that evening I received I text from a private number , it was a recharge voucher worth 500 after recharging it I called the line she busied my call and called me back, when I picked the call, behold it was Zainab, Rasheedat’s friend, we spoke in soft voices, I couldn’t believe myself that night an extra ordinary feeling of excitement engulfed me.

The day we wrote introduction to finance, Rasheedat sat behind us, the invigilation was very tight, she couldn’t copy, she submitted empty answer booklet, she cried, became angry with us after the exam we tried to explain but she couldn’t listen, I kept on with Zainab till we finished the exams, after our last paper she asked me to shook hands with her, she passed something to me, she hugged me, gave me a perk and bid me goodbye, when I opened my hand I saw N2000, I just blushed, we kept on calls on daily basis, after a week she asked me where I was, I said I was in Gwagwalada she asked why I haven’t travelled home? I was expecting my transport, I relied, she ask me to forward my bank details, without hesitating I did, immediately I received a credit alert of N5000. I was like wooowwwwwww

When she was resuming for second semester, she shopped some beverages, noodles, soaps, detergents and N3000 that its from her mum , I was astonished what is it that she might have told her mum about me, she brought out her phone and called her mother immediately ,after talking to the mum for a while she hand over the phone to me, I was surprise when the mum greeted me in my dialect, we spoke and she asked me to take care of her daughter very well.

Our friendship got tighter to the extent that her friend couldn’t take it so separated from us. When our result came out we were superb, I moved off campus, feelings for her grew stronger, I opened up, she fell for it, that’s how we changed from casual friendship to dating. she kept coming to my house for tutorials, to cook for me, we began to spend more quality time together and our love for each other grew stronger, know ourselves deeper, she is from a rich family, very cheerful, very beautiful, soft skin, soft voice, understanding and romantic.


Henry Ortserga

Department of Banking and Finance

University of Abuja