By Markus Nathan


The first day I went for screening, so excitedly I put on my best dress on getting to the school, I was shy to ask how I could locate my department everybody   were busy moving up and down; some holding files, others carrying school bags, some were even ageing with grey hair “They must be lecturers, probably professors” I said to myself while standing confusedly. I literally read hundreds of write-ups on different sign boards, bill boards, banners, posters, etc.

I finally summoned courage and ask a passerby student how I can locate my department he directed me to faculty of management sciences, there you will locate your department he concluded; on getting there I continue my usual reading of sign boards before I saw one that reads “WELCOME TO BANKING AND FINANCE DEPARTMENT” with the motto: building a strong and reliable financial system. I saw some students qeueing in front of a particular building, the last lady on the queue was dress in a big girl style, listening to music on a big headphone, I began to wonder if she could give me a listening ear so I decided to ask the guy in her front, I was directed to the next adjourned office where I saw fellow banking freshers, I joined the queue, the screening was individual, I became nervous, what manner of screening, is it oral?, and if yes, what questions I may likely face?, until one of the girls that was done with her’s confirm to me its based on credentials.

I was successfully screened, paid all fees apply for hostel accommodation, though I couldn’t get accommodation in main campus where my department is located then I took the one in mini campus. I discovered that mini campus was more lively socially it was more happening campus than main pampus, I didn’t regret in this aspect,  By this time I was already becoming use to the school environment but another issue was I had to be going from mini campus to Psite for my lectures and tutorials which was very arduous, the shuttle struggle to and fro was the worst of it all is my size, am fat, made students call me BIGGY, some call me OIL MONEY, my fatness couldn’t let me drag so I will have to wait for the struggle to reduce before I can enter the bus which will make me end up not getting a seat in most cases I will decide to stand so that I don’t get late to lectures.

Meanwhile the cost of using public transport was N600 compare to N140 of shuttle to and fro hence, I was left with no option than to be standing in shuttle every day to lectures and back. I became use to it anywhere; to the extent that my friends will mock me and say “shuttle standing is my hobby” I kept attending my lectures, in class lecturers like small gods, I was secretly admiring some babes in my level but talking to them was a case I always feel they will snub me, finding my lecture venue and time was hard to me, I had a awesome experience as A FRESHER on campus.


Markus Nathan

Department of banking and finance

University of Abuja