Are You Guilty Of Saving Phone Numbers This Way?


Maraji, real name Gloria Oloruntobi, has one of those addictive Instagram pages you go to when you are looking for something fun, crazy and weird to watch. She has been consistently amusing her audience right from when she first started using the app to recreate songs and moves, mimicking artists like Falz and Macklemore!

She posted a video on her Instagram page about how people really save contact numbers on their phones. As hilarious as the video is, it isn’t far from the truth.

We tend to save phone numbers with what we will easily remember them by. So, if you meet Tunde under Ikeja bridge, you will most likely save his name as “Tunde Ikeja Underbridge” until you get used to him (or meet again elsewhere) and can change his contact name to something else.

Are you one of those people who saves names as “Iya Moria Amala”, “Caro Frozen Chicken”, “Ikenna Yaba Market” or “Sandra Ekene’s Wedding”? If you are, what are the most ridiculous ways you have saved someone’s name before?

 credit: TheGuardian