How To Slay After Having A Baby

Bringing a child into this world is such a beautiful thing. However, some women find it hard to go back to their normal routine after having their baby, especially for the first month.
This will change.

And the change has begun. Beyonce shocked her fans with photos of herself a month after having her twins. Her post-baby bounce back has been amazing. First, she posted photos of her post-baby body on Instagram, a month after giving birth to the twins. In it, she wore a low-cut top and miniskirt.

Her fans went wild, making comments like “U looking great, epitome of beauty”, “Mother of 3 ladies and gentlemen!”, “QUEENNN OF BOUNCING BACK” and “SNAP BACK AT IS FINEST!!!!!”. Her figure looked amazing, with her slimmer body and attractive cleavage.

Of course her husband, Jay-Z, was not left out as she posted a snap of them together in a garden. Her fans commented, hailing them “King and Queen”. One even commented about their love being real, despite the recent controversy over Jay-Z confessing to his affairs.

On Friday, Beyonce was spotted by paparazzi on a date night with her husband. She posted this video and a picture on her Instagram.

Beyonce at the DAMN tour<br />Credit:

Beyonce shared new photos on her official website of what she wore to Kendrick Lamar‘s concert as part of his DAMN Tour on Sunday night. She rocked a camo jacket over a Fila crop-top and ripped shorts, paired with high heeled boots, and a customized Louis Vuitton bag with inscription “It’s Not Yours”.

If this is not how you slay after having your babies, then I don’t know what is!

credit: TheGuardian

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