The Narrative (vii)


The voice at the other end was Chinedu’s. He said he was certain I was in his house and was calling to ask if I would need anything. I told him all I needed was him. He should come to mama. Chinedu got home and gave me the greatest shock of my life. There was no interview. None whatsoever! He tricked me to coming to Lagos. He wanted to see me and had no other lie to tell that would bring me to Lagos as quick as possible. He had to lie with an excuse that my folks would accept with little or no resistance.

I didn’t know whether to express happiness, sadness or disappointment. We had a little argument about the arrangement; I just felt he should have at least put me in the know. This was something we could plan together. I tried to make this point valid to him but he kept blackmailing me that I probably wasn’t excited to see him again. Of course, I was elated to see him but I deserve to be a part of the fraudulent scheme which I suppose would make me feel better. I made him understand that I was happy to see him but unhappy and disappointed that there was no interview. All the time I spent searching for relevant information about AXA Mansard was in barrenness. He apologized which is always an easy thing for him and suggested we moved past this and do not contaminate the moment. I didn’t say a word again, just stared into space for a while.

Later that night, we hung out for dinner and few glasses of drinks. Chinedu told me how much he had missed me. I appreciate and cherish Chinedu’s love for me and surely missed him too, my sins notwithstanding. We did a little catching up and went home to retire for the night. To my utter amazement, Chinedu made no moves, not even a cuddle. Really!!! After not being together for a while, that was pretty unusual which got me perplexed. What point was he trying to prove?

The story continues…

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