How WhatsApp Love Cost Me My Womb

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Early April 2017, on my birthday I met a guy on whatsApp of course he got my number on a group chat he was the first person to call me on my birthday. We became friends, we started chatting, the chats graduated to calls in the name of he wants to hear my sweet voice, from calls text messages where not excluded. The chats, calls and messages enters my phone on a daily routine. We became so close that it graduated to another level from mere friends to lovers. Although I have not known him, days to months I became curious of having a boyfriend I can call my own and to also show my friends because I just clock 20 that year and I was already in the university.

I began to make arrangement how we can see the only option was for me to visit him in his house, he was not a student and he stayed a little bit far from my school, I took it upon myself to risk it and pay him a visit one day. We kept on the chats, calls and messages but along the line it was really devastating for me, I began to lose concentration for my studies, I felt its high time I stopped deceiving myself and just put an end to the whole trauma but the more I try, the more he persuade me.

July 2017 just three months after we met, we finally agreed that I was going to see him in his house where he lives and with a simple task that I was going to spend the weekend with him. I gladly accepted the offer my few days spent with him where full of Wonderful experiences bad, good, ugly name it, he took away my pride as a woman (broke my virginity), sex me at every given opportunity made me feel secured with him, had deep kisses and other romantic things that arose my sexual urge, he made me sexually strong. We stroll out every evening to joints and have fun. He was really caring; we had a nice and romantic time together.

I kept visiting him any time I feel like, I even had spare key to his house that made it easier for me. Throughout our months of friendship, I knew just his next door neighbour and his close friend, no family relative nothing attached to the two of them, the calls reduced even to reply my chats was a huge task so I took out time in August to pay him a visit and know what is wrong but he claimed everything was in control, that fateful Friday, we had unprotected sex I complained and he bought postinor 2 for me I also took warm water and salt to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

I went back to school then I noticed some changes within me few weeks later, I tested myself and discovered I was two weeks pregnant I called my boyfriend immediately to know the way forward and how to go about it. He advised we should go for an abortion which I welcomed the idea because I was not ready to have a child.

I financed the abortion fee he claimed he was broke at the moment, the abortion was done I lost so much blood that I was rushed to the hospital by my room-mate. An operation was carried out and my womb was removed because it was damaged already.

The experience, trauma, and incident was not one I could forget in a hurry, the first man I loved and had an intimate relationship with destroyed and completely damaged my life, it was painful but had I known is just the only word on my lips I also learnt a life lesson, at 20 I lost the most important thing as a lady in my life.


Another classic from Shagba Ann the winner of July edition #TalesFromCollege


  1. My small secondary sch frd have perfected wat seem like a joke back den to something bigger now, am happy u made it this far God bless ur hustle.

  2. Ann has certainly opened new vistas….a complementary story…..the reader has to come with certain words ti fill the lacunae for shared understandings. It is great.

  3. Educating, inspiring and very touching.anyways there z a very big moral lesson for young girls to learn from de story.kudoz

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