The Adverse Effects of Technological Advancement on Students

By: Aishat Abdul


Technology as we all know is a body of knowledge devoted to
creating tools and extracting of raw materials which is also
an application of
Science to solve educational problems in our various
But its so unfortunate and incredible that many students in
our various tertiary institutions nowadays have gotten the
wrong impression about technology or it has been
misunderstood for something else. However, technology is a
dual concept which has it positive and negative influence on
students. It All depends on how students apply it in their
daily activities. To my own knowledge, I will say
technology if properly or adequately used it benefits
students but if strongly applied it causes harm or damages to
However , there are some possible advantages of technology
to students if properly and adequately implemented,
technology unlocks educational boundaries for students, it
also simplifies access to educational resources which helps
students gain access to open Educational resources, this
same technology motivates students and makes learning
much easier for them and also improves students writing
and learning skills. It also increases students innovation and
creativity in the society at large.

Its so incredible and unfortunate that few or no students
only work towards achieving the positive impact of
technology, however, the major targets or interest of
students on technology is the negative impacts which may
include, their Interest on how to gain access to inappropriate
content such as porn sites, video games, music, violence
materials which serves as a distraction to students from
what they are suppose to be doing with technology, social
media is also another product of technology such as Twitter,
Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, e.t.c which have
contributed immensely to students poor academic
performance in terms of abbreviation in their various
examinations. And also uses technology as a medium of

engaging in examination malpractice. Lastly is the recent
cyber bullying and internet frauds committed by
students with the use of technology.
Technology was invented with the impression of creating
technological advancement and to improve development in
our society not the other way round which is happening
around the globe.

Aishat Abdul writes from university of Abuja

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