Donald Trump
Donald Trump

A new FBI probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails has dented enthusiasm for the Democratic nominee, according to polls that show Donald Trump shrinking his rival’s lead in the final days of the 2016 election campaign.


National and state surveys show support for Mrs. Clinton taking a hit from the investigation into her private email server and the steady drip by WikiLeaks of thousands of hacked emails belonging to her campaign chairman.

Only 45% of the democratic nominee’s supporters say they are very enthusiastic about voting for her, down from 52% last week, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll yesterday. In contrast, 53% of Trump supporters say they are very enthusiastic about their nominee – up 4% points from a week ago.

For weeks the Trump campaign has tried to damp support for Mrs. Clinton among Democratic groups, such as African-Americans, millennials and liberals, in the hope of depressing Democratic turnout.

Polls suggest that this strategy could be working. The FT’s poll tracker still predicts Clinton can safely win 263 electoral college votes-seven fewer than she needs to win the White House. Mr. Trump has 126 electoral college votes in states where he has a more than 5point lead in the polls.

However, over the past two weeks, Clinton’s lead has shrunk to just 2.2, according to a real clear Politics average polls. According to yesterday’s tracking poll, Mr. Trump is front-runner for the first time since May with a 1 percentage point lead