These Same People

By: Comrade Muhammed J Adoke

Many of the same people's heads in boxes. Uniformity, humanity, solitude

The men and women of our time,
Collectively denying us,
Of great landscapes,
Condemning the people,
To absolute penury,
Robbing us of,
Our immunes honeycombs,
Preaching. Praying.
That we may accept,
Death traps for high ways,
Unemployment for Jobs,
Poverty for satisfaction,
Hunger for bellyful.

Water abounds in scarcity,
Electricity forbade for darkness,
Candles, our supreme saviour.

O’ your lords and highnesses,
Your wards flock in sorrow,
Children emancipate,
Malnourished mothers,
Turned praise singers,
Crooning your praise songs,
In their holy fading voices.

Beggars limp to celebrate the passage,
Of your bouncing cruisers,
Announcing your,
God endowed presence,
That we may suffer,
Weep. Wail. And Plead,
For your continuous stay.

These same people!
Are the suckers,
Of our sweats,
Robbers of our thoughts,
Bargaining our future,
Past looters,
Made today’s heroes.

These same people!
Are our crooked Imams,
Shying away from truth,
Benevolent prophets,
Speaking in tongues,
In the name of money,
And seeking not justice.

Ney, these people,
Forget to pray,
That life be fair,
To all indeed.

Verily, someday the Masses,
Will shout across walls,
Squeeze the moist soaked,
In our beloved hearts.

Then, will the masses laugh,
And celebrate,
The needful conquest of,
These same people!


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