8 Weird Facts About the male organ



A man’s penis plays an important role in his life.

Leonardo da Vinci once said “it has dealings with human intelligence and sometimes displays intelligence of its own”,

Sophocles said that “having one is like being chained to a madman”.

It certainly affects us in many ways. Women crave  it, while men would do anything to satisfy it. If you think you know everything there is to know about penises, here are some fun facts about the penis that may surprise you:

  1. Every single penis started off as a clitoris.

As strange as this sounds, it is absolutely true. Every penis in the womb begins a clitoris. The moment we are conceived, we are all female. Later on, when the hormones kick in, the clitoris is transformed to a penis. It even retains some of the female heritage it has. It is the dark underskin and the thin ridge, also known as raphe. It runs from scrotum to the anus and it is what is left from the fusion of the vaginal lips.

2.Your Penis CAN Actually Break

Yes, you  read it right! Every year, thousands of individuals around the world experience the pain of a broken penis. The penises usually break during a violent intercourse or more often in silly accidents, like falling out of bed while having an erection. The condition is not untreatable, but it will keep you bedridden for six weeks while wearing a penis-splint.

3. Semen as a diet option

Semen has only one to seven calories, the equivalent to a cup of fresh spinach. This fact makes it one of the best options when it comes to low-calorie diets since its dietary value is extremely high. In fact, there is a book called “Natural Harvest” which deals with recipes that include semen. You can actually purchase this book on Amazon. Surprisingly, it’s quite popular.

4. Grower VS shower

There are two different types of penises. The one that is small while in a flaccid state and grows many times its size when it becomes erect ( the grower) and the other one that its flaccid and erection size are almost the same (the shower). So, the next time you see a small penis in a flaccid state, don’t be too quick to judge it, you may be in for a surprise. Just rub the magic lamp and hope for the best.

5.Is there true equality when it comes to sex?

The average male orgasm lasts 6 seconds while the female one lasts 23 seconds. If women were truly interested in equality between the two sexes, they would be kind enough to wait for men to have 4 orgasms before they had theirs. I really don’t see that coming anytime soon.

6. Foreskin as a life saver

Nowadays, there is a technique that allows doctors to create skin for curing serious burn injuries using as a base the foreskin of infants. It is estimated that each foreskin can create more than 22.000 square meters of skin which is more than enough to cover a football stadium.
7. We are the most gifted primates

The human penis is the largest among all primates both in terms of proportion to the entire body and in absolute numbers. An adult gorilla, the biggest primate, has an average erection of 1.5 inches ( 4.5 cm).
8. The biggest one

If you’re looking for the biggest penis on earth, go on a whale hunt. The blue whale is the most gifted mammal on the planet. It has a huge penis with an average length of  eight to ten feet and a girth of twelve to fourteen inches. Their testicles weigh 100 to 150 pounds and they can easily ejaculate more than thirty-five pints of semen.

Fun Penis Fact #1 Huge Blue Whale Penis

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