The Narrative (viii)


I woke up the next morning very early to prepare a meal and packed it for Chinedu to take to work. He was happy and said that when he returns we would have a heart to heart conversation. I was a bit nervous and had to be like that till he returns.

What I did all day was to call some friends and classmates in Lagos to assist in searching for openings. No one knew I was in town, so it was pertinent to announce my arrival. I relaxed by reading a book from Chinedu’s collections.

The devil is never asleep, Sammy called me, and we had a long conversation. It was nothing rather than the usual. I noticed my responds to him wasn’t encouraging, maybe because I was in Chinedu’s house, maybe because I was guilty and had repented. I really couldn’t place a finger on it but obviously the conversation was weird.

Chinedu got back that evening and decided we should have dinner at a restaurant There we would talk. I was really flabbergasted when he confessed to me how he cheated on me once. I didn’t expect that from him because he was a perfect good guy. He said it was his housemate who came home with two ladies that ill-fated evening. One thing led to the next, he ended up with one of the girls. I was shocked by his confessions to say the least. He maintained he was really sorry and couldn’t get that off his chest. He added that it was the focal reason he was yet to initiate any intimate activity because he felt unclean. I felt really disappointed and betrayed. I was still basking in this feeling of disappointment when he asked me if there was anything I would like to tell him. The speed of my heartbeat would have sold me out if not for the mercy of God.

I wanted to also let it out but I wasn’t preinformed it was gonna be a night of confession, so wasn’t prepared. On a second thought, my confession would have made things easy for Chinedu. Despite the fact, that I was as guilty as him, my disappointment knows no bounds because Chinedu was my idol, how could he let me down? My conclusion was that philandering is a way of life for men, if Chinedu could do it, then no man is spared. Of course, I didn’t confess to him, not on my life. I wasn’t sure what he would do, so I let sleeping dogs lie.

Chinedu didn’t earn his forgiveness on a platter. Deep down in my heart, I have no moral justification to be hard on him but a smart woman wouldn’t let the heart of a man wander, lest he begin to have ideas…

To be continued