loose woman
loose woman

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number one

I have secured my position as the number one student in my department and in the school of business at the polytechnic back then. It was time to let the school pass through me. This happened with the inspiration; if you like call it influence from my lecturer-friend who we popularly called staccato aka Lord Ray. Lord Ray came to my room on this day; he met me studying, not comfortable with what he saw. He told me that school is a complete package (work and play). He reminded me of my academic achievement thus far and encouraged me to do other things so that my story when I eventually leave school would not be book-centered alone.

Motivated by my lecturer’s advice, I decided to register my candidacy in the emotional department. Thoughts of who to be my other half lingered in my head. In the darkness of my thoughts, the intuition came and I settled for one Oshere.

Oshere was actually the only friend to my classmate living next door. My next door neighbor sang her praise every now and then. This was one of the reason’s Oshere became my prime target.

Without much ado I met Oshere and narrated my manifesto, of course like most girls will do, she started doing inyanga. I didn’t have time for the thrills of the chase, so I told her to give a yes or no answer. She told me to inform her friend, my next door neighbor before she will give an answer. I was infuriated by this condition. I mean, why should I take permission from her? She is not her elder sister, mother or pastor. She noticed my displeasure and told me that her friend likes me and has been patiently waiting for me to pop the question. In this regard, she doesn’t want to betray her friend.

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I had no choice, so I informed her friend. Happily or unhappily, I wouldn’t know, she gave us her blessings. I called Oshere pronto and she said she was in. I invited her to my crib that night to sleep, lo and behold she came. We were getting on well until I wanted to cross the red sea; she refused, claiming she was a tear rubber. Incidentally, yours sincerely, was a chassis too. I guess our union was a divine orchestration.

I needed to tear down the walls of Jericho, I started devising mechanisms, I told all the lies ever told by man, I recited all the poems Shakespeare could not conceive of, let alone write just to access the central government. None of my antics worked. The next day, I told my good friend the story, he offered basic professional advice.

Another occasion arose, I started the session again, I begged and pleaded, she was still saying no and no and no. I professed love as real as life and death, she eventually agreed but gave me another date for the commissioning of the airways. She said I must purchase eggs and malt, so that she will regain what she is gonna lose. Eggs and malt don’t cost a thing.

The D-day came, we started the show, I found my way in, to my utter chagrin, there was no road block, and there was no blood. My navigation was hitch free, peaceful and unbelievable. I wanted to stop but I continued. It wasn’t fun because a lot of thoughts were going through my head.

Well I ate my eggs and drank my malt. She looked at me and asked why; I told her I was the one who lost something. She kept mum. Later I confronted her with my confusion, she started sobbing, saying that I deflowered her and now I am insulting her. The confusion in my world at that point was bigger than the effect of a volcano. I wonder how someone would look into your soul and lie to you like that.


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