If we share the same umbilical cord as one people bound in freedom as enshrined in our national anthem, where then did we get these awkward heads?
Since my age of reason, politicians in Nigeria have played and continue to play politics on the ground of selfish interests, nepotism, religion and ethnicity. This has left our country underdeveloped and placed her in the doldrums. Abysmally, Nigerian politicians and leaders have only succeeded in dividing the country along religious and ethnic creeds.

Things have indeed fallen apart! Youths, the ‘leaders oftomorrow’ can no longer make any meaningful comment on national issues be it on social media, formal or informal platforms devoid of sentiments and ethnocentrism.
A popular adage in Igbo land says, ‘a person who cannot remember where he was drenched in the rain cannot say where he dried his body’. Nigerians are too quick to forget history. This is why we will continue to crawl and retrogress as a nation. This complacent nature of Africans as profoundly seen in Nigerians made it easy for such malicious writer as Joseph Conrad, a Polish writer, when he posited in his HEART OF DARKNESS, a voyage on African (Congo), that Africa had no history, civilisation nor future hitherto to its colonisation. And we are indeed reaping the ‘dividends’ of this apathy to history in a full measure, as I tend to explore herein.

Kick out the ‘infidel’, Nigerians chanted and I chorused during the general elections of 2015,without recourse to the past! Elections results were announced, people jubilated, hope rekindled and expectations skyrocketed. All hailed the victor – sai baba! Now, Mahammadu Buhari of Ottoman Dan Fodio descent, an ethnicist ‘par excellence’ and a crusader of Islam, the president of Nigeria. Swearing-in came and gone, hope dashed, future mortgaged, Nigerians betrayed, regrets set in; way out, precarious – moments of truth – eyes opened and a majority realised belatedly, that like a faithful son, President Buhari is on a mission to subjugate Southern Nigerians. With political appointments lopsided and engagement of technocrats and experts defiantly ignored; and nepotism and religious bigotry exalted!

Obviously, Nigerians had murdered sleep, the crippled-giant shall sleep no more! Now, as marauding beasts, Mr President’s kin under the aegis of ‘Fulani Herdsmen’ are let loose to commit genocide at will with no regard whatsoever to the sanctity of life of their already bemused and hunger-stricken victims. Fulani Herdsmen have assumed a worrisome menace. Their activities are ominous and heinous, and their spreads monstrous, boundless and cancerous, as their onslaughts are everywhere unchecked, from the Middle Belt to South-East through South-South and South-West, sending people massively to their early grave. Interestingly, Mr President can only stand and stare while these renegades continue their killing spree and decimation of supposedly fellow countrymen. Could it be that the President and Chief Security Officer of the country is incapable of protecting the lives of the people he swore on oath to? Or could it be that he chose to look the other way because he believes we are not one people in reality?
The effect of oppression on the oppressed can not be overemphasised. Oppression begets rebellion – when pushed to the wall, one cannot but fight back. Its consequence is horrendous as this can lead to a total state of anarchy. It’s against this backdrop the Niger Delta Avengers and pro Biafra agitators have arisen. Though with different agenda, these groups have stood up to redress the injustices being visited upon their people. However, while some Nigerians decry and bemoan these developments others exalt and in fact, celebrate them. The President maintains that the unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable but the way and manner he conducts the affairs of state contradicts this claim.
If truly we share the same umbilical cord as people of one nation, if truly we are one people and not forcefully married together, and if truly we are bound by the same national anthem and pledge; and if truly we love humanity and love one another like God loves us, not minding our colours, religious creeds and ethnic groups; and if and only if we love God, as preached in churches and mosques,
Nigeria will be great again!