BBNaija: K-Brule attempts suicide


Love they say is pain but loving someone who has no feelings for you is as painful as being burned alive. K-brule a contestant in BBNaija yesterday tried to himself because the woman he is crazily in love with, Anto passionately kissed another contestant Lolu.

Anto who has previously refused to kiss K-brule when he licked off ice cream from her mouth, without much ado jumped off her seat to kiss Lolu. This got K-brule stunned and minutes later, the young man whose dad is American jumped from the balcony and broke his foot.

Biggie is yet to take action as regards the incident. Housemates pleaded with Anto to kiss K-brule just to make him happy which she reluctantly did.

Bitto Bryan took the incident to another dimension and started crying, housemates left K-brule and gathered to console the crying baby.