The Best Part of Being A Nigerian

By: Sunday Okegbola

Zuma Rock Nigeria

Ask me the kind of people you can find in every part of the world and I will tell you they are Nigerians: Not because their terrain is all over the world, but all because of a unique quality they possess; and that is what I will be revealing as the best part of being a Nigerian.

Undoubtedly, if you are a Nigerian; you should be proud of yourself. Not to leave you confused however, the best part of being a Nigerian is what I call “a biologically developed shock absorber” you tend to possess having lived, for a particular period of time, in the all-sphere blessed country – Nigeria.

Firstly, let’s look at a universal glimpse of the feature associated with Nigerians: the many cultures (which we can synonymously use for tribes) that distinguish one from the other. Take it or leave it, there is an amount of ethnocentrism in every Nigerian that gives him the feeling of being better than another Nigerian with/from another culture. This is the interesting part, despite the fact that this often causes disparities and disagreements; the non-parasitic myth still makes Nigerians have a mutually beneficial/supportive relationship (ceteris paribus).

More so, the proven Nigerian’s unique quality is being confirmed through the centuries… waking up to realize that the food which sold for #10 yesterday is selling at #150 today will leave you in a state of complete dilemma and anguish, but guess what? Nigerians would move on. The young scholars in Nigerian universities usually complain of using 6 years for a 4-year program (just an example), have you ever imagined the reason why the number of those that are still applying for admission into the universities keep increasing by the day? It is simply that best part of them – a biologically developed shock absorber.

We live in a country where some of those who are meant to ensure the security of her citizens’ lives and properties treating the same lives, usually to acquire their properties (especially financial properties) from them. But in the face of treat and terror, Nigerians still embark on their daily activities. Some live in the extremely local and poorly-infrastructured areas while some are eating up their (the former’s) benefits in mansions. It is just that unique quality that helps the lowly survive! However, neither the ruler nor the ruled can be blamed out rightly, because even the ruled aspire to rule as the ruler rules. Nigerians cause problems for themselves but still help each other to solve the problems because Nigerians don’t get worn out and never gives up.

In conclusion, it is an undisputable fact that, it is better to focus on facing problems than finding solutions to them because facing them is in most cases the solution. A Nigerian would learn to face his problems because he knows problems are always there for him. Therefore, the best part of being a Nigerian is that biologically developed shock absorber – Adapting to any change or environment and surviving against all odds.



  1. Nice piece in clear terms, but just when I was begning to feel the heat of enthusiasm I discovered i had come to the end of the article

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