Best Wine For The Latter

By: Agee Jessica and Kwaghkondo Martins.

So even before your arrival, have I started scouting the best for you.
Even so, I won’t only be scouting the material but the emotional hitherto.
 Training mysef to be the best for you,knowing that God designed you to be the best for me.
I  await your coming with temperance, eating only that which I have been commissioned to; while resisting the free meal.
I hope to make that task of ‘curation’ easy for you even as I invest my un-affiliate life to learning the demands of the affiliate.
Since my nose are wide and my eyeballs large, it therefore isn’t out of place to draw my pinnae irreversibly long so i will always be open to consider
You are God-sent.
 I know you Will arrive just when the the moment is right.  I was in hurry, but not any longer.
#Best Wine for the Latter#
So even before your arrival, have I torn down my wall of scars riddled with the pain hidden deep within the tales of love found and lost, buried deep down my soul and opened my doors and made room for one knowing it is not possible to have a shattered heart and still love you with the little pieces.
Courting myself to be the best for you keeping in mind you deserve more but if little; as high and tall as mountain  Everest still knowing you deserve more than
 Sky’s limit.
Training myself to be a true Queen
 Godly, cultured and well mannered  knowing I have to stand firm while you are gone to the battle field because I am the Queen to your heart and never  should your kingdom be overthrown by another.
And so even as I continue to to resist the temptations surrounding me by monsters wearing  of angels with sanity eaten deep down their soul, I wait for your triumphant coming for I know you desire all things true and grand.
You are God-sent.
I know you will arrive just when the moment is right.
 I’m searching no more .
#Best Wine for the Latter#
So even before your arrival, I had it that you are the epitome of beauty and the goddess of love of the last celestial hierarchy,knowing that God designed you to be the best for me.
I pledge my life to be faithful, loyal and chaste to carry love, to carry children of our own.
Teaching myself good parental responsibilities hoping to make the best of me for you knowing that meeting you will not be out of sheer blind luck.
Even as I strive  towards perfection bearing in mind perfection is what defines you without mincing words, knowing that God has intertwined my path and yours.
 I’m not giving up on you.
I know you will arrive just  when the moment is right. If not you then be it death.
 #Best Wine for the#