Bitter Experience


Never walk alone at night in the school premises or outside
the school. It’s is very dangerous. This happen to me when I was in
200l, we were preparing for test. We do walk in group and follow one
bush path at night to enter into the campus and read. On this fateful
day, all the group have gone very early and it was left with just me
and an unknown guy. I couldn’t see any bike and the guy said we should
walk together. I followed him not knowing that he was send by his
colleagues to bring someone to the bush. In short I was attacked and
beaten and my phone was collected from me. Since that day I have
decided to go into the campus early or go in group of 10 and above if
we are to follow the Bush path…. Experience is the best teacher


Yusuf Salimon is a chemical Engineering student of FutMinna