Clarence Peters Reacts To Claims He Sleeps With Video Vixens


Celebrated Nigerian music video director, Clarence Peters has reacted to a claim by Lagos socialite Pretty Mike that he and other music video directors in Nigeria sleep with video vixens.

Pretty Mike made the claim yesterday on social media where he also mentioned names like Paul Gambit and Unlimited LA as part of the music video directors who engage in such.

On Clarence, he shared:

Rumor has it that Top Director Clarences Peters recently had a threeSome with 2 popular video vixen besties,all in the name of more Exposure,More LeadRoles etc. @opeyemeee who is one of the Industry top Middle man has slept with almost every girl he has promoted or recommended for a job and uses this to promise them more jobs..

Reacting to the call out, Clarence Peters made it clear that it is all a rumor and an attempt to stop the power he’s got. See screenshot below.