College Student, Masturbation & the snake

By: Sifiso Samuel Mthethwa


A college student lived the resident life attending classes , studying and downloading the latest series (porn included). Before he slept he did what most guys do masturbate then pass out to dream land.

This was his routine throughout his first year and second year, he was shy making it hard to find a girl, he was a loner kept to himself and did very well at school but his social life sucked. He hardly went home on school holidays cause he loved his freedom.
Whenever he masturbated he imagined different women to keep it exciting he was addicted and always looked for new porn material to feed more into his fantasies But a certain female image was always in his mind she wasn’t in any porn film.
He created her in his mind as the perfect sexual partner she was his type and he would reach the ultimate climax by masturbating while fantasizing about her . She was light skinned, hour glass figure, big boobs , wide curves , a medium butt and black hair.
He couldn’t sleep without including her in his masturbation session to him she was the grand finale , no matter how many girls he would think of they were never enough to make him forget the light skinned lady As time went by felt compelled to jerk off.
The more he jerked off only the light skinned lady remained in his imagination no matter how much porn he watch when he had to jerk off the light skinned lady took over as if she had come to life during the session. After June exams he had a dream of the light skinned lady.
In the dream he was getting married to her but the weddings venue was at the cemetery without a priest. The next day he tried to tried to jerk off but he passed out and saw the lady he had the most fulfilling sex he could imagine she was amazing
He woke up in the morning he felt like he had sex he even smelt like it, was strange but he felt good and slept very well it’s like being on top of the world. Every night she would visit him in a dream state have sex with him this changed him and his confidence levels.
He started attracting girls he thought it will be a good idea to just date the girl from his economics class because everyone was asking him why is he so isolated its creepy. Thats how he started dating lethabo who also stayed at res.
Their relationship was difficult as lethabo always felt like he was distant and probably has another girlfriend because he wasn’t sexually interested in her and it bothered her because she was well built she was hot most guys went obsessive over her but he wasn’t bothered.
She confronted him and he made excuses of school pressure but promised to make things better, they started spending alot of time together and being intimate but he wasn’t satisfied by her as much as the light skinned lady satisfied him.
But he said nothing to her about it, the more he spent time with her his love for her grew, his session started to bore him till the light skinned lady couldn’t access him because he was filled with images of lethabo it wasn’t only sex but love.
With anger the light skin lady visited him in his dream to remind him that they married and she’s pregnant with his child , she will kill lethabo if he doesn’t stop seeing her. He woke up and took it as a joke went to class and spent time with lethabo as usual
While they were talking lethabo’s left wrist started burning it was so bad she was severly burnt the burn area printed a hand as if something was holding her hand. He rushed her to the nearest hospital, they admitted her without hesitation so they can treat the burn.
She spend a weekend at the hospital and was release monday evening, he went to fetch her , he told her he can’t be with her anymore fearing for her life but he didn’t explain to her why he was breaking up with her. Heartbroken he went to back to his usual routine.
The sessions were bad as if he was raped he hated them the light skinned lady started manifesting physically even in class his life was a mess, people started thinking he was crazy he spoke alone he kept saying “leave me alone”
He couldnt handle it anymore the light skinned lady changed herself to look like lethabo but it still didn’t feel the natural. He had enough he went to lethabo to apologize she took him back they made up the sex was explosive
He loved her and couldn’t control it. Weeks went by his spiritual wife (light skinned lady) decided to show him that she doesn’t share. Lethabo was found 6am near the auditorium paving she had killed herself by jumping from the auditorium.
He lost everything and also himself he loved lethabo now she was gone, now he knew he couldn’t go on living he decided that he was going to kill himself as a form of ending the relationship with the spiritual wife Dairy log september : Lethabo i am coming to be with u đź’”
He tried to hang himself but the wife cut the rope, he drank pills but threw them up and he finally gave up as the wife told him she wont let him die as she about to give birth to their child.
He didn’t care anymore he spoke to her in public she was visible to him because of her pregnancy but still invisible to other people, his grades dropped he didn’t even bath, she was close to giving birth she turned into a giant white python the off spring was a python also spirit snakes which trapped him from going outside of his room as he saw them as lethabo and their first born son, devouring his soul the off spring python needed a human soul to feed and grow, it coiled him but he saw himself playing with his son.
A week went by he was found by res security staring at the window looking life less December he was suppose to graduate but sadly he was admitted to the mental asylum. He went mad.