When It Comes To Style, Be Yonce!


Going through Beyonce’s Instagram page gives the same euphoria as flipping through a glossy magazine like Vogue – style overload.

Take a cue from Beyonce and up your style game.

1. Beyonce In LaQuan Smith

This dress doesn’t just show off your body, the strips create illusions of a curvier body. The sparkles add a dazzle to what would have been another LBD.

Beyonce In LaQuan Smith LBD. Photo credit: Instagram/Beyonce

2. Beyonce In A Statement Jacket

Nigerian weather doesn’t really allow for heavy jackets, but a lighter fabric like silk could have almost the same drama.

Beyonce In A Statement Jacket. Photo credit: Instagram/Beyonce

3. Beyonce in a green deep V-neck dress

Create a level of sensuality by opting for a dress with a deep V. This style is not for everyone though, sometimes less is more.

Beyonce In A Green Dress With A Deep V. Photo credit: Instagram/Beyonce

4 Beyonce in stripes

Have fun in a multicoloured, striped outfit; go for lighter fabrics to create easiness. These outfits are as comfortable as they are fun!

Beyonce In A Multi-Coloured Dress. Photo credit: Instagram/Beyonce