Deja Vu

By Sunday Francis Onyechi

It was a breaking of another day. God be praised! I whispered in a prayerful manner. Still stretching in the bed, my dick fully erect, as it is normal for every potent male human. “It is its habitual way of saying a good morning to its lord and master.” Dr Frolic had told us in one of his interactive classes.
The day was bright and very promising, my instinct had told me in assurance. Yes, it was a beautiful but weird Monday morning. My fresher’s clearance had just begun. I had been enrolled into the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Uniben, to pursue a degree in English Language and Literature.
The joy that accompanies university admissions is indescribable especially as a youngster. It is like the feeling a young male adult gets when he has just deflowered a young female adult. This excitement is better experienced than imagined. Still basking in the euphoria of undergraduate, its attendant pride, boldness and arrogance, as that of a female juvenile who has newly had her first dick. Her age of innocence disappears like Eve after she had eaten the forbidden fruit.
Apparently, as one possessed by “Amadioha”, I dashed into the bathroom for a quick bath. Swiftly, I ran through my body with a soapy sponge, in the same momentum, reached out for the shower. Damn it! I bellowed. The shower had stopped running. Bemused and, as Jesus was led into the wilderness, now, fully controlled by a spirit I couldn’t fathom. I made a frenzy move for the bathroom door. It was difficult to locate its handle, as I was literally blinded by the foam all over my body.
The bubbles of foam  shielding my nakedness like native chalk gave me the look of one being exorcised the spirit of “ogbanje”. I groped to the door handle, slammed the door open, made for the kitchen in search of water, as I growled in frustration. It seemed my ordeals for one morning was far from being over. I bumped into my mum. It was a head-on collision. Mother screamed down fire and brimstone on me, even as she landed my face with an unsuspecting thunderous slap in self defence; as she retreated in bewilderment as though she had seen a ghost. In that disarray, with some pebbles of tears already circling in my eyes, I muttered – Mum, I only wanted water. The shower had stopped running.