By Abire Sunday Olugbenga

Literacy has been appreciated in our clime over time as we place premium on acquiring academic degrees and churn out books for the populace. Granted that we hardly read in Nigeria except for certain gratifications like examination, promotion and others. We are yet to be voraciously immersed in the culture of reading as it’s in other climes. Perhaps, the confusion of what to eat has contributed to this. When the pangs of hunger strike, who is that person that will bury his or her head on the pages of books? Except for a man who is cursed with books, the situations in Nigeria have enhanced our collective apathy to books.
Chief Obafemi Awolowo et al wrote great books before, during and after independence. They were books crafted to redirect, reposition and forecast our future. Some of them were finely written. Go back and check and you will be awed by their logical presentations, ingenuity and dictions. It was a glorious era that may never come to us again.
Recently, political leaders have returned to the culture of writing book as it was before the invention of television and radio. If you are in Nigeria or you have been following events in Nigeria, you must have heard of Accidental public servant, Watching the Watcher, My Watch, Power, Politics and Death, Against the run of play and others. These were books written to capture political happenings by different authors. Some were laced with terrible distortions that could throw us off balance. Some were deliberately crafted to obliterate long time sins. Some were obviously penned to paint evil men as saints. Whichever motive the authors have nursed, a bad book is better than no book because they set us on the track to tickle our brains. Who doesn’t know that skepticism is the root of knowledge? Even Bamaiyi’s book is good to be read.
Distinguished Senator Dino-Melaye has finally joined the fray of book ‘luanchers’ even when we doubted the authenticity of his certificates. Even if you still doubt his education, he has written a book to cement his literacy. All lies can go to the trashcan now. Our man is well read. He speaks and writes. What more do you want? Even most graduates with authentic certificates cannot read and write like Dino. Many of us will never write books till we kiss the world goodbye.
I honestly have no problem with his courage to write a book. I have no problem with whether the book is flawed with errors or not. But my worry is in the choice of the title. Why will Dino write a book on corruption when he is immersed in one? Why will Dino who threw his weight behind Saraki denigrate the corruption he exalted? Why on earth will he choose to mock the harbinger of all the goodness he is enjoying today? Can’t you see that Dino isn’t respectful? Can’t you see how Dino has made mockery of the liberty to write whatever comes to his mind?
By all standards, the group of people that graced the ‘LUANCH’ were men and women gifted with kleptomaniac fingers. They have depleted our treasury and have landed us in avoidable pains today. Did Dino look into Saraki’s face at all? Although, angels of darkness sometimes parade themselves as that of light but we will never accept this broad day mockery.
On the hand, it’s a truism that most criminals are good lawmakers because they know the consequences of every crime as well as their attendant punishments. We can forgive Dino and his friends for raping us. We can understand their psyche. We can understand that the book is mainly to atone for their sins. We will be happy if they back it up with confessions so that we can comfortably forgive them. May the sun shine in Nigeria.