How dogs feed on dead bodies in North Korea prison

Ji Hyeon-A, giving her account

A North Korean defector Ji Hyeon-A, has given a horrifying account how dogs ate dead bodies in her prison camp after she was repatriated to North Korea from China.

Ji Hyeon-A spoke at a meeting with United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, on the human rights situation in North Korea.

The event was titled “The Terrifying experience of forcibly Repatriated North Korean women,” and was sponsored by the U.S. France, Japan, South Korea, Canada and the U.K.

At one detention center, Ji Hyeon-A described how inmates starved to death and their dead bodies given to the guard dogs as food.

Ji Hyeon-A who was repatriated three times to North Korea after she was caught in China but finally escaped to South Korea, said: “I was also forced to have an abortion”.

She pleaded for the world to act as North Korean women who got pregnant in China were forced to have abortions.

“Pregnant women were forced into harsh labour all day.

“At night, we heard pregnant mothers screaming and babies died without ever being able to see their mothers.

“North Korea does not allow for mixed-race babies,” she said.

The third time Ji Hyeon-A got caught and sent back to North Korea she was three months pregnant.

She tearfully described how she was forced to have an abortion without medication at a local police station.

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