ECONOMIC RECESSION: Uniabuja Students proffer solution


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I have heard about scams and other tricks people and shows play on people; never did I know I was going to be involved in such act. There are these twin brothers, they call themselves two wings.  They are upcoming musicians. They told me they want to organise a singing, dancing and comedy competition. Winners would go home with flat screen television, home theatre, electric pot, etcetera.  The main event is the raffle draw where the winner of the draw will go home with a brand new car. I was thrilled. I asked how much the ticket was. They said N200. They said i should spread the news, in their words “two wings are coming to town”.


The D-day came, I had a call from them, telling me that we need to see, that it was urgent. They called thrice before we eventually met. They told me that things are not going well. That they have sold like 60 tickets which in total is about N12000. They asked me where in this world will somebody buy a car with N12000. They told me that the plan is for me to be announced the winner of the car. When my name is announced I should celebrate like a proud winner of a car. I would be called to the stage to answer some questions, make a speech and walk straight to the car where a standby chauffeur would be waiting to drive me around campus. In my mind, he is yet to tell me my share of the little money they made. Greedy me. I said no wahala, what are friends for if not to be partners in crime.

At dusk, I had a call from them that I should come, the show is about to begin. Hurriedly, I left my room thinking I was late, reaching there I saw about 20 students. I was surprised that even the winners of small gifts were given cheques. By this time it was dark and crowd had gathered.  Time to announce the winner of the ultimate prize came. My heart started racing. I asked those around me their opinion on the show and the main prize. I got disturbing responses.  Many said na dem dem go win am. Me being the dem in the dem knew that if I win, things will escalate but what has to be done, has to be done.

The MC was inviting students to buy ticket, students seeing the car live started believing they can actually win the car. Trust Nigerian students they started buying tickets to win the car. It was game time and they were gonna call someone from the crowd to pick a ticket, the smart organisers already planted their nigga in the crowd who was holding my ticket. He will just climb the stage pretend to pick a ticket from the basket and sharply call my name. I don’t know how it happened but somehow the students didn’t want him to be the one to pick the ticket, they all screamed noooooooo and chose someone else from the crowd to do the picking. kasala don bust, finally a girl won the car. The chauffeur in the car saw what happened, he turned on the ignition and zoomed off. LMAO!!  The crowd pursued him but didn’t get him. I have not heard or seen two wings since then and later I heard that those cheques bounced.  I laugh anytime I remember this because the scam busted.

As submitted by Uche Patrick