The Effects of Drug Abuse on the Life of an Engineer

By: Shalom Idagu


There are innumerable natural resources, from which drugs can be extracted and used primarily for medication. However,the effects of its abuse on the consumer  is of great concern.How much impact does it have  on the life and career of an engineer?

The primordial outcome of drug abuse in an engineer’s life is physiological in nature. His mental and physical health suffer immensely. His ability to make the simplest choices based on previously acquired knowledge  or field experience decreases. He is impulsive, quick to start a fight or resort to violence. He also experiences memory loss, insomnia and trauma. His physical health equally suffers damage as manifested through loss of appetite, blood  pressure and heart rate dysfunctions, which may eventually cause death.

A drug addict does not only endanger his life but he equally constitutes a liability for his  entourage. He becomes inefficient and unproductive at his workplace. Owing to his lack of sleep, the engineer may be absent from work or report late daily, making him unable to complete projects within given time frames. Dangerous accidents may happen under his watch because of loss of concentration, impulsivity and violence. His social life is affected the same, his relationship with others deteriorates, he is regarded as dangerous and an outlaw.

Drug abuse destroys  the engineer’s life, both  inside and  outside. He  ends up incapable of performing his duties and having a normal drug-free life. This is why governments are relentless in the war against drugs, and we all should.