With Ese, love only gets better


It was my first year as a university student; normally one would be excited especially if he was the first to gain admission among his peers with a distinctive result after being mocked by haters most of his life…you’d expect me to be super hyped… the thought of seeing new faces, making new friends and generally having new experiences… but that wasn’t my nature, I was more of the quiet type.

Two weeks after resumption, I’m done with orientation and classes have started; I keep to myself, go to class and once it ends, grab some food and go back to my hall, then during the weekends I play basketball. And then one fateful Friday afternoon a former schoolmate of mine manages to hire some boys to drag me out of my room and makes me go for a stroll with her… then she introduces me to this girl; she had short hair and the brightest of smiles, but what really caught my attention was that she talked… A LOT…she introduced herself as “Ese the most awesome girl in the whole universe” and I couldn’t help but giggle. At this point I just stared on as she continued telling me about herself and what was in my head was “bruh this chick has to be on something”, overall she seemed cool though. I faced my ex schoolmate whose name is Victory, and asked her where she found this weird girl; she just laughed and said she’d tell me later… an hour passed, I said I was tired, said my goodbyes and went back to my hall.

Three days later, I bumped into Ese on my way to the library, we talk and then I escorted her back to her hall…I return to the library and started reading but surprise surprise, nothing was entering my head, I just kept thinking of her; it was at this point that I realized that I had started to “catch feelings” for this girl…I quickly dismissed the thought because I was still in a relationship…high school love and all…but as time went one, the feelings became stronger; luckily for me, I got into an argument with my girlfriend and we broke up…though I knew I had feelings for Ese, I wanted to take a break from dating and just chill…now the feelings I had for her were mutual so when I started to distance myself she noticed and asked me what was up…I wanted to tell her about my break-up but I decided not to and I said “nothing”, I decided that she was worth it and I actually started to believe that opposites do attract because she was the complete opposite of me; loud, energetic, didn’t care about what others thought of her. I decided I would ask her to be my girlfriend.

After making this decision, carrying it out was the hard part…I don’t know why it was so hard for me…we had a fight which was my fault; I had started taking her for granted and she was really angry about it. I tried apologizing but she wouldn’t listen to me. Two weeks passed and I finally mustered up the courage to ask her to date me…but she turned me down because “I wasted too much time”. It hurt me much I didn’t go for classes the next week. She started dating some other guy that was in his second year at the time and I decided to forget about her…we didn’t speak till the end of that semester.

The next semester we bumped into each other again but she wasn’t her normal self; she was looking sad so I asked her if she was okay and she said she was…I talked to Victory about it and she told me that Ese got into a fight with her boyfriend. I said it was none of my business, but I didn’t like seeing her that way so I asked her if she would hang out with me the next day…she agreed.  The next day we met in one of the classrooms, talked for a while, one thing led to another and we ended up kissing. She called me two days later and told me that she broke up with her boyfriend…I didn’t hesitate in that moment…I asked her to meet me in that same classroom and then I confessed my feelings (again) and asked her to be my girlfriend. She said yes and kissed me and that was the best moment of my life that year.

After my third year I changed schools but we were still dating…I would go visit her from time to time up till the time I graduated. She’s doing her I.T now and I’m still in love with her as much as my first year…who knows? We might even get married…or maybe it’s just my wishful thinking…till then I guess.


Marvelous partly attended Covenant University


  1. When it comes to love even the most timid person gains courage all of a sudden I wonder where it comes from lolx bro femme abt it😁

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