Evening Encounter


Every evening around 5pm, students do come out to train on a
small 5-aside field beside my house. It’s happen that evening, we were
playing football and in football, there must be some hard tackle. I
collide with a fellow student and it’s causes arguments and
disagreement on the field that it leads to fight. We were separated
and I thought it’s has ended on the field not knowing that this guy
has some other plan. That same evening, he went and bring a soldier to
my house and I was beaten black and blue. I couldn’t report to the
school because I learnt that the guy has been expelled from school. A
friend of mine talk on my behalf, it was this dog chain that was use
to break his nose and the guy ran away till today
Moral lesson : Never attempt to fight anyone, it’s better you stay
away and run for your life. There are 30 to 40 percent of students
that have been expelled on campus and they are the one called cultists
and so on. They do not have any instinct at all and they operate and
rob students on campus.

Oladosu Reuben is a Geography student of FutMinna


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