Fans lambast Meek Mill for claiming he is too picky after split with Nicki


Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj are officially broken up. Since then, the rapper has been posting some pretty emo stuff on Instagram. In the latest edition, Meek got dragged for sharing that he’s changed in a particular way after having been with the queen of stepping-your-game-up, Nicki.

“I’m wayyyy too picky now,” he captioned a photo. In it, he appears to be on his phone while on a private plane with a new woman.

Commenters were pretty merciless in the replies. “Took the biggest L losing Nicki,” said one. “Go [get] bae back homie, these lame [broads] cant hold you down.” Some even went so far to make some hilarious memes.

Earlier, it was thought that Meek and Nicki broke up over his cheating. TMZ reports that it was actually over a terribly timed boys’ trip.


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