My First and Last Birthday Party on Campus

By Sunny Okegbola


As a child, every 6th of June never ended well for me without a cake, some bottles of cokes and a couple of friends gathered around me. This gradually became a habit, but a good one for me as I could say that was the only social part of me. Although, I wasn’t crying for it again since I was about 13 years old but the get-together thing usually comes naturally, until I turned 17 (that was my final year in secondary school) of course, I was already a big boy….

Becoming a student of the prestigious University of Abuja, the long-forgotten thought of having a birthday party revisited my mind as another 6th of June drew near. I quickly made a couple of calls, not stating the fact that I wanted to organize a birthday party for myself though. My bank account was credited on the 4th of June, “Wow! I’m gonna get some quizzical expressions from my friends!” I thought within myself. Sooner, my best friend ‘Raph’ called his close friend ‘Mayowa’ which was also a friend of mine, so we could plan the birthday party. Even though we were still being called “freshers” in the school because we were still in the first semester, my friends already knew me to be a ‘quiet’ and ‘not the social-type’ guy. Oh! Did I mention this earlier? I never attended any party with my friends, not even my departmental freshers’ party!

My friends and I repeatedly added and subtracted for almost two hours as we planned for the party because we were not sure whether people would show up or not. “We’re in school jor, they’ll definitely show up” said Raph. That instilled some confidence in me and we finalized the arrangement for the party. On the deal day (6th of June, 2013) Sisi Mayor as we popularly call Mayowa, rushed to the market, got everything needed for the food and also handled the cooking. Man! That guy is a great cook! We were set for the party at 4:00 and waited for people to come and in no time people started coming in, but we started the party without girls. Oh my Gosh! It was like a gay party.

Don’t conclude yet….

Ladies later showed up, after I called and told them the party had already started. I had to even go near the speaker for some of them to be convinced that my party was real, it wasn’t their fault actually; I myself did not believe it in the first place (in fact, I was the DJ #wink). I didn’t have a girlfriend and it was time for the celebrant to dance, so the MC asked me to dance with the lady I like most among those that were around. Jeez! I almost fell! I was the shy type. But I played smart; I just told the two ladies that were around to dance with me…. “Wait! Did you just say 2? YES, I mean only two girls were around when the celebrant was to dance” the rest came while we were taking pictures immediately after the party.

Hmmm, that was not what actually made the party my last birthday party on campus….

The thing is, I stayed hungered for a week after the party, simply because I used all my money to organize a birthday party. Everyone I called kept asking me “what about the money I sent to you three days ago?” and I would simply drop the calls because I had nothing to say. Anyways, the experience didn’t stop me from celebrating my birthday, but I sure didn’t organize any party since then until now. I was in a travelling bus throughout the last 6th of June and I’ll be graduating this September, meaning “that was the only birthday party I ever had on campus”.




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