By Olivia Ifebundu



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Using “excitement” to describe my feelings when I gained admission into Birmingham City University would mean adding water to Fanta. No words from the vocabulary of any language could in precision describe my joy. I have not travelled outside the country before; so counting down to my departure date was a macro torture. Seconds seem like minutes, minutes seem like hours, hours seem like days and days like years.

The day finally came, it took so long but it came eventually. My mum drove me to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport where I boarded Emirates airline to United Kingdom. I left Nigeria on Wednesday the 9th of September 2015 and arrived Birmingham on Thursday the 10th September 2015. Of course, UK is not in another planet, so it can’t be that far. The stop over at Dubai in United Arab Emirate obviously contributed.

Greeted by the cold in Birmingham, I knew i was in for some serious challenge because I do not fraternize with cold. I trust God to always protect His own.

At Birmingham airport, I saw the sharp differential between Abuja airport and Birmingham airport. With state-of-the-art technology, tight security system and efficient service delivery, it dawned on me why my country is referred to as a Third World country.

After scaling through all the checks, I boarded a taxi to Perry Barr my residence in Birmingham. The distance from the airport to my residence in Perry Barr is about 30minutes. On getting to my destination, the cab driver told me that my bill was 47 pounds. Quickly, I did a mental conversion of the bill to naira, I was shocked. I tried to argue, he pointed to the metre. Lo and behold, it was 47 whooping pounds staring at me, nothing more, nothing less. I didn’t believe my eyes. I had to pay for distance covered and time spent on traffic, negotiation is not allowed. This cannot happen in my country. Who says Nigeria is not a good country? Forty seven pounds in naira then was N16,450; please tell me where in Nigeria will one be travelling to that will cost that amount. Tears started rolling down my cheek. I would have trekked. Maybe I was shortchanged because I am black. This is RACISM. My heart was filled with many thoughts. My thoughts were later confirmed when I learnt that the taxi I boarded which is called BLACK TAXI is the most expensive taxi in England. But why?