It was my first day in school University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I was among the first set of students to resume for the session in my department, running from one building to the other like a novice of which I was. I was very serious and active to the extent that one of our departmental lecturer made me the acting-classRep, I really never wanted it but I had to accept it because there was no other students that seem active and serious like I was- Most freshmen were yet to resume for the session.

Weeks and months had gone by and I was still acting as the year-one class Rep, writing of attendance, new students coming to meet me for information, calling of lecturers and all that, it was very stressful for me. My friends at home had told me the consequences of being a class rep- that it gonna be stressful, you won’t have any girlfriend and stuff like that. I manage to hold on to the class Rep position pending when we conduct an election for the official class Rep.

The day came for the election of the class Rep, we were ask to nominate the candidate we want, half of the class nominated me I was shocked and wanted to say No. Some friends finally convinced me to come out and be bold, that if I win the class Rep position, good benefits would come. I with some other guys and girls were nominated for the position of the class Rep and assistant class Rep respectively. I eventually won the class Rep position along side with a girl who won the assistant class Rep position. So I officially became the class Rep and continued with the duties.

To be honest, it wasn’t easy for me combining my personal academic activities with the class Rep duties, but I kept on with trying my best of which they (my classmates) could testify to. It was already exam period and I had to meet with some lecturers to arrange our exam timetable, get class attendance for exams, and still try to find time to read my books. It wasn’t easy for me. I finally wrote all my papers, some which I wrote excellently and few which I did my best but I had to be optimistic. After the exams the school went on vacation for the session.

However, it was the beginning of a new session (second year), and last session exam result were already coming out, God I was scared to go check my results but I had to go anyway. The day I was suppose to go check the first result that came out, I wasn’t feeling too well so I couldn’t leave the hostel. Much later in the day, my friend came back from class, walked straight to my room and told me they posted one of our result (Natural Science GSP105) that I failed it, OMG!!! I almost fainted. I was like what????  I didn’t totally believed him as I wanted to see the result myself, so I waited for when most students (my classmates) must have left the class before going to the notice board to go check my result. When I got to the notice board and saw the result (F) I almost cried at that moment but I had to hold back my tears as some people were still around, I had to cancel my name and reg number so people won’t see the result. I couldn’t go back to the hostel, I was so sad, I had to go somewhere no one would find me. I cried out my eyes, I cried and started asking God why? I was crying and asking myself questions like… Why me?  Most of my friends passed the course but I fail it, I wasn’t following bad friends, I was that serious, I don’t go to night clubs, I don’t smoke, I do my assignments and CA, I don’t chase after girls that much, so what happened? Why did I fail this course? All these I was asking myself in tears. Some of my classmates were like class Rep failed the course, a whole class Rep. I was sad I could not eat, my first result was a “F” as a class Rep, I asked myself how would I face and lead the class? I cried and cried for days thinking of where I went wrong. That first year, I failed three courses out of eleven courses all in first semester. Imagine how my GP would be. I was so unfortunate that year, all my friends had not more than one F I was the only one that had 3 Fs as a class Rep in first year.

After seeing all my first semester results, I promised myself that I don’t want to see F in my results again, so I decided to drop some of the things I was doing then, like I had to stop seeing one particular female classmate I was seeing and also I dropped the class Rep position and decided to focus on my academic squarely. In second year I re-sat for two of the exams I failed in first year and I passed one and failed one (the same natural science GSP 105). I was beginning to get scared of of that course, scared of having an extra year, I didn’t know what to do, I was thinking, meeting some good friends for help and advice and still doing my best. Then in third year first semester I re-sat for the natural science and I passed it this time around after avoiding the mistakes I made by not reading the text. Then in second semester third year, I failed another course again but I was not that scared because it was a departmental course and I was sure of passing it in final year.

To cut the long story short, in final year I wrote two carry-overs both in first and second semesters and passed both of them, got my project topic, had a really difficult time with my project supervisor, had my defense and finally graduated with a Second class (lower, 3.45), no references, no extra year. All thanks to God, family and some few good friends.



The writer of this story remains Anonymous


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