Five Amazing Beauty Hacks You Should Know


Beauty need not be expensive to achieve especially when they can be done at home. These hacks are so easy, it will leave you wondering why you didn’t know before now

  1. Your favourite red lipstick is all you need to get rid of dark circles. Simply dab your lipstick with your concealer brush and rub it in around your dark circles. Use your setting powder.
  2. Use a potato on your armpit to lighten it in one week. Its active ingredient for this is an enzyme called the catecholase. Potatoes also contain anti-oxidants that actively reduces wrinkles and stretch marks
  3. All you need for an eye-popping mascara are your mascara and your cotton balls. Your brow brush to get hold of some of the cotton ball fibres. Apply your mascara, use your brush on your eyes like you are applying your mascara, apply another coat. Viola!
  4. Get rid of your acrylic nails:
  • buff the nails
  • rub petroleum jelly on the nails
  • soak nails in nail polish remover (another option is to soak cotton balls and cover the nails with it before wrapping it using aluminium foils)
  • leave for 30 minutes
  • apply petroleum jelly again
  • go for a pedicure (optional)

5. To make your dry shampoo, make a mixture of

  • ½ cup of potato starch, corn starch or cocoa powder
  • ½ cup of baking soda
  • 4 drops of essential oil

OR Pour one teaspoon all over your hair, leave for a minute and comb out thoroughly. Too stressful? Use only talc baby powder.