Five Reasons You Travel More Often


Travelling has so many benefits. Not only do you get to see the world and learn about other different cultures and the way of life of people in other parts of the world, it opens your mind to a broader perspective of things. Oh and there’s a whole lot of food to try out. Think of it as taking yourself out of the bubble your environment may have put you in.

So, here are five ways travelling can help you be empowered

1. Discover Yourself

Photo credit: Oneika the Traveller

Travelling is one of the best ways to find yourself. When you travel, you get to meet new people and experience new cultures. This can bring out different sides of you, from the frustrated, jetlagged traveller, to the adventurous human who is ready to take up a new challenge every day. You may be eager to see new places and take your mind and body through new tests, whether it is riding a sand board down the side of a towering dune in the Peruvian desert or learning how to tactfully swing like Tarzan from ropes into rivers. This not only helps you feel complete but also helps you truly discover who you are and what you love to do that you may not have known before. There may not be that epiphany type of moment but you will find yourself gradually becoming a stronger, more solid and more confident human being. Add that to the million and one memories you will make with new friends from around the world.

2. Be more resilient

Challenges seem more difficult to resolve when you are in unfamiliar territory. Whether it is trying to buy fruit from the local market or asking for directions, language and cultural barriers turn into bigger challenges to overcome. But these challenges help you build a strong wall of resilience, which will stay with you and support you in making decisions when you get home.

3. Be more open

Travelling makes you more open to new things. Seeing how large the world really is, you will learn to open your mind to new sounds, tastes, sensations and experiences that have incredibly empowering effects. This will also give you more opportunities because you will be more open to saying yes, eager to try out new things. That, in turn, will lead to a new and improved life.

Photo credit: The Blod Abroad

4. Have a wide, global network

There is this confidence that travelling gives you. Meeting new people from across the world will inspire confidence in the shyest of individuals. You become more able to converse and express yourself to other people when you open yourself to a myraid of other cultures.

5. Feel more complete and opportuned.

Travelling helps you become more aware of your choices and new opportunities you can grasp. You will also find yourself eliminating close-minded thoughts you may have had before. You get to appreciate the things you possess. This makes you realise how much time you have to be productive and then choose to do what makes you happy and whole.

credit: TheGuardian