FOURWALLS- Exclusive Mobile Marketplace for College Students


Students often have a hard time doing away with handouts, home appliances, kitchen utensils, furniture pieces and other items they do not need any more particularly upon graduation from the University. They resort to either throwing or dashing them away. It is the need to set students free from this nightmare albeit in a more rewarding, convenient and secure manner that necessitated the launch of a mobile app – FOURWALLS – by a group of young individuals.


FOURWALLS is a mobile marketplace exclusively for college students that allows them buy, sell and trade items securely amongst themselves. The essence of Fourwalls is to allow students earn extra cash on items they do not need anymore. Fourwalls is out to provide cheaper alternatives to students on scarce commodities.

The founders of this platform opine that on the one hand it will help students make money by selling item they do not need and on the other hand students can save  money on an item he needs by buying a cheaper alternative.

According to Mr. Cletus Umerie one of the co-founders of Fourwalls, the app promises to deliver on convenience, empowerment sustainability and security. In his words, the Fourwalls app will check the culture of waste that we grapple with in our society even amongst students.

He stressed that Fourwalls employs very strict verification processes where every potential user must provide a valid means of identification buttressing their status as a student before joining the platform. This way we can have a 99.9percent assurance that Fourwalls would be the most secure platform for students from Africa on the internet. Fourwalls according to him also employs features like in-app messaging, making offers and counter offers, location tracking, seller and buyer reviews while giving users up to seven (7) free posting allowance per month.

Fourwalls app is available to android enabled smartphone users via this link:  Every student that uses android would be able to download for free on their mobile phones from the Google play store. Students can pre-register and nominate their schools on