From Asaba to Lagos



I traveled by air for the first time from ASABA to LAGOS .. Initially, I didn’t want to write about this but then I thought I should share. Well, traveling by air really taught me a lot.

It taught me to be adventurous and trying things in life just for the knowledge even if you are not really freak about it. I’ve had opportunities to travel by flight several times but I have enjoyed the road so much that I always decline.

I love the smell of petrol” and buying stuffs at the window side, especially plantain chips and yoghurt.

I’m not even freak about the plane just like I’m not about travelling abroad and things that freak people in general.  Although I’m freak about specific women and making a lot of money! I don’t even look like someone that has money at all.

If you saw me at Asaba while heading to board, you’d think I just came from the village! & I have been in the city since 18DC  So, I got a lady at the airport to handle the ticketing for me since I have missed my initial flight & she came back with my boarding pass in no time.

And I needed to be in Lagos ASAP. So, while I was on my way to board, I didn’t know what to do. Instead of me to just pass through to where the airline bus will convey us to the aircraft area, I went to join a long queue of people waiting to get their luggage checked.

While going to get my boarding pass stamped, there was a lady I saw which I really liked and I wanted to approach. Both eyes kissed as well and she smiled. But she noticed shortly that I was a JJC with the way I was fumbling with the processes.

She saw that I was confused when one of the airline staff announced that those who were boarding should go a certain way and I didn’t know what that was about.

The lady I thought I was going to ‘toast’ then said “you should go there”, asking me to leave the queue. I was ashamed of myself honesty..

FAST FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! To.  When we got on the plane, I went to sit on another person’s seat not knowing the seats where numbered! It was this same lady who came from no where before the hostess and said, “what’s your seat number”.

Then I guessed the number should be on the boarding pass slip with me, so I was taking time to check and I couldn’t easily locate it, the lady then showed me again!… ” I sighed in despair”

Don’t know why this drop dead gorgeous babe was just looking out for me, but my lapses killed my confidence to strike a serious conversation with her and she was sitting right in my front.

Another experience I had was the seat belt. “Heeey!! wait don’t nail me” . Not that I expect buckling a seat belt should be an issue, but over the years I’ve heard people talk a lot abt a plane’s seat belt.

So I was scared it must be really that hard. So the first thing I did when I sat was to try practice the buckling the seat belt to avoid another embarrassment. I found out I did it well but I was still scared I might be wrong.

Thereafter, the pilot had announced that we switched off phones and fasten our seat belt, so I did. The hostesses were beautiful and nice and I could have ask them questions but I was seating by the window so as to take pictures that will indicate I was indeed in a plane.

If I ask the hostess a question from that angle, people might notice me.  So there was this Deeper Life woman beside me. She seems nice. So I asked her in igbo, if I fasten it well, she nodded smiling and said ‘yes, very well.

Good’. I noticed she looked at me again some moments later before focusing on the Deeper Life book she was reading. As the big man made bird soar in the air, it felt like heaven, as I saw clouds like smoke.

Before we reached a high altitude, big planes and building around the airports began to look like toys and when we finally reached high, the earth looked like maps and the arrangement of the earth and the towns became well defined and organised. Everything looked tiny.

At a point it looked like the plane was shaking but I wasn’t scared. The most amazing thing I noticed was that while in the sky, it looked like the plane wasn’t speeding at all. I felt it was moving at the pace of a broken down vehicle that was being pushed. So strange to me.

One thing! I can never forget again, was the smile on one of those hostesses’ face. Chineke!!!!!! oh my gosh. she soon made me forget the girl I earlier told you guys about.

There was something magnetic about her smile that if I was to have commited a crime and such a girl finds me, she can easily lure me out to the police with that smile. Her smile made me weak! I just have to confess!

Ohh!!! I went with “First Nation Airline”. That was my first of hearing about them. Their plane looks new and everything looked professional, even the way the pilot spoke and all. I have heard so many bad things about Nigerian airlines.

Especially DANA Airlines.. ‘that plane wey eczema and pimples full the body’ .. smh! and The video of BankyW and others getting trapped in one Nigerian airline, made me even scared. So from there on everything looked normal to me!..

Afterwards. My real seat mate gave me a quick jab.. “oh boy you sure say you sleep for night”?   You have been sleeping for the past two hours.  we’re in LAGOS now o. You better brace yourself.  Like play like play.. I begin hear.  OJOTA!! OJOTA!! OJOTA!

And I peeped through the window only to see the beautiful City and yellow buses on black stripes.. “Danfo”

The End

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